Gaming Rig - About 1000-1300Aud

So currently I am looking to build a computer for about a thousand however if another hundred or two are going to make a difference, I'm happy to put that forward too. Currently I just need an idea or two for GPU`S, but for CPU`s, I am thinking either the AMD 8 cores or the Intel i5 3570k. 


Any suggestions?

IJK are running a special on the Sapphire 7970 OC Edition with some Steam Vouchers. Us Aussies get ripped off at the best of times but if you're willing to go almost half your budget on this card you won't be dissapointed.

Personally I'd go for the i5 on an Asus board but see how you go with pricing the rest of your specs.

I just bought a msi gtx 680 twin frozr at for $399. you can also try looking at the gtx 670 for $349. i went for the i5 as well.

This is my current build for 1100.

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