Gaming/Recording music PC?

Hey guys, it's my first ever post here and it's the first I'm seriously dwelving into tech, as I've been noticing my PC isn't really keeping up these days and is really struggling with some of the more intensive games I throw at it, especially the sea battles in Empire Total War (I know, I'm not sure why) and the open beta of Company Of Heroes 2 (it just looks older, no performance issues that I've noticed though) and I have issues with Serious Sam 3, Skyrim (such as awful textures even with the HD mods and AA and the other one which I can't remember the name of on 0)  

At the moment however I am gaming on a 1360x768 monitor, but I am looking to go into multi-monitor setups, as it can provide me advantages, such as my interfaces not being all cluttered whilst doing non gaming tasks and such.

The thing is, I don't just game. I record music with lots and lots of VST's too. (The last project I did was over 70/80) as well as live instruments, such as guitars, bass and drums. So I'll need a PC to do some of the more intensive stuff such as loading all of the VST's and so on. I also use a combination of Mixcraft and Reaper as DAW's. 

My PC at the moment is;

AMD Phenom x4 840 

Asus; M5A78L-M USB/3

Radeon 6850 Sapphirre (I think it's the 1GB DDR5 version, but I'm not sure) 

10 GB Crucial at 1600 MHZ (I think it's Dual memory, but I'm not sure)

1TB Seagate Barracuda.

Now thinking about it, I can always cannibalize this machine and transfer things over as required.

I'm in the UK and we always get tech prices at an increase compared to the US so I'm not exactly sure what to buy, my budget will be about 5/600 for the entire thing. So I was hoping to save some cash and reuse an old Ikonic case that I have lying around and my Ram in order to save even more.

What would you guys suggest? You've been at this longer than I have.

Also, sorry for the non-existant PC parts picker list. I was going to gain some suggestions and then compile it accordingly.



Edit: I also have mouse, keyboard and a monitor. Also have a copy of Win 7 64bit. Would I be able to run two copies of Windows at the same time as each other, or will I not be able too? 




I did this exact same thing for pretty much the exact same reasons.


I run Cubase 7 and do a lot of band productions. I do enjoy my games as well!


The best thing you can do here is get a couple SSDs. 1 for win7 and 1 for your DAW which you shouldput EVERYTHING for your music production on. Audio pool, VST installations, sample libraries, everything.This will be a huge help for the music side of things. The bigger the better as you ideally want to install your games on an SSD too as that will give the same performance boost.

If you have the budget, a faster CPU would definitly help but I think some other more CPU experienced guys will be able to point you in the right direction. I have an Intel i7 and couldnt be happier with it.

Your ram should be fine. I have 16GBs of Samsung Green @1600 and I have no troubles.


Put everything else into a better graphics card. This will make your games even more polished and nice.


For someone doing music as well as gaming I would say get SSDs first and then GPU, CPU after everything else if its even requiered.

Thanks for the well thought and chilled out response, I really appriciate it.

an i7 was on my mind, so my RAM is fine? That's what I want to hear, because I don't like to spend more than I have too.

A couple of questions though;

1) don't SSD's harm themselves because of the limited number of writes they do? Not anything that I've had experience with, but it's the impression I got from my dad who was telling me about them.

2) In theory could I upgrade to the next line of Piledriver/Steamroller processors from AMD and I should be fine, but a lot of people will say the Intel stuff is better (I'm not sure for the technical reasons)


3) So the 6850 I could re-use, would there be a substancial boost to it with a different processor? 

and finally; 

4) Could I just use my Seagate as an office front and put everything indirectly onto that by a drop down menu?