"Gaming" PS2 mice?

I’ve looked around a little, but theres nothing coming up for a “Gaming” PS2 mouse. I’m curious if something exists on the market that is a PS2 based “Gaming” mouse. Gaming really only meaning I can change the polling / refresh rate, map keys, just PS2 instead?

Or maybe there WAS in the past?


Ps2 mouse


I spent way more time on finding that specific smiley than I should have…

Thats a usb mouse? Ps2 is sort of rare these days, ive only seen them in keyboards in the recent years.

Does usb to ps2 adapter not work?

What do you need a ps2 for specifically? A usb mouse with 1000hz polling rate should be more or less equivalent eith its sensing

any will do just depends on loaded drivers

This is the ps1 mouse
Ps2 used USB for its mouse and there is a ps2 ps2 keyboard from the dev kits and it’s sub par the matching unbranded ps2 test mouse is also sub par


Not really anything I was mostly just curious if such a thing existed and couldn’t really find anything.


From my very high understanding of PS2 (very little) this don’t exist since PS2 is interupt based. it mean that every time your mouse will need to change a value, your cpu will stop everything he is doing, process that right away, and resume his work.
This is why ps2 keyboard where deemed “faster” before emulated multiple keyboard became the norme.

I have never seen anything more than 3 button/2 button + scrollwheel

oh you meant PS2 platform instead of PS2 port in pc… :sweat_smile:

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^ Lawl.

@FaunCB the only Gaming mice that I have seen were USB. You can use an PS/2 adapter for any mouse but polling rate means nothing at that point due to PS/2 being interrupt based. With that said, if the mouse has a micro chip and RGBling. those things may not exactly work if they draw too many amps as PS/2 was not designed for power hungry devices.

The last PS2 port mouse i’ve encountered was of the “rubber ball clean with alcohol” analog type of mouse. I doubt you’d want that for gaming.

Hey with the trackball mice, I used to own at UT2004.

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I have a couple ps2 optical mice in my shop still working good! Made by Dell i think.
generally some of the ball type mice are brought in and they usually end up in the recycling bin.

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