Gaming/Productivity Build

I would like to build a PC using both CUDA for Adobe suite of apps and OpenGL for other things. I would like to try frankstein a r9 280 and GTX 770 together. I would also like some advice(s) if possible. I know the R9 280 isn't there, but just pretend it is. BTW it is the Asus DirectCUII 3GB. I live in US.

PC Part picker link:

I would recommend a 2x8 gb ram pack instead of a 4x4 ram pack, don't ask me why it is the longest explanation ever.Another thing I would recommend is a larger monitor for productivity, I know it is expensive but that's a price you're going to have to pay for better performance out of what you have. Be more specific on what you want to do and I could probably give you more answer's. 

LGA1150 can only take advantage of dual channel ram.  Get two sticks instead of four for future upgradeability.