Gaming PC

I need a gaming pc build that will last 3-4+ years until upgrading. I will be gaming/rendering on this pc. If you could make a build with would make it easier for me. thank you

Processor- intel or amd

Motherboard- Easy to Overclock on, Really good build quality

Video Card- dosen't really matter except for good cooling

CPU Cooler- Which ever performs better 

Case- Corsair 800D or 650D

Budget: $1,000 to $2,000

Any of the new AMD 8 core processors

Asrock Extreme 4 or Asrock Extreme 9 or Asrock Sabertooth AM3+ motherboards

GTX 770/780 would work, but if you want to wait for AMDs 8000 series to come out that would probably be better. Could just get a cheapo until the end of the summer, or just not get one at all til the end of the summer.

Noctua cooler would be best air solution, I'm not that big of a fan of watercooling, unless it's custom done.  Just make sure it fits, things huge

Case is all your opinion

Cut corners or boost where you'd like for your budget.  You most certainly want an 8 core processor though.  Don't forget you'll need a power supply, memory, and storage too.

Anything Corsair is good for a power supply, don't skimp on watts.

Memory is pretty much up to you.  Kingston, Mushkin, G.Skill, and Corsair are all brands I'd trust.  Just make sure to check to make sure whatever motherboard you choose is compatible and you're using it to the full extent.

I'd probably get an SSD for your rendering program files and your OS... doesn't really matter, just make sure it has good reviews and doesn't have DOAs every other review.  Also get a HD for to hold your saved files.  Western Digital Caviar Blue/Black/Red depending on how you plan on using your computer.