Gaming PC

Hi, i'm looking into buying a gaming pc that can run The latest games such as Black Ops 2 at decent fps. My Overall Budget is: $500-600 or £400-450. I don't know much about pc's or pc gaming but i know at least some of the things that I want.

- 8gb DDR3 Ram

-1tb or More Hard Drive

-Disk Drive

-USB 3.0 slots and/or USB 2.0 aswell

-Intel or Amd i don't mind

-Good/Decent Graphics Card for Gaming

Can anyone help me with at least some of the parts or maybe a full part list?


are you looking to buy or build? If it's build, just check out all the build list things that logan has uploaded 

Motherboard: ($100) + $10
Case: ($50) + $8
Hard Drive: ($55) Free Shipping
Ram: ($40) Free Shipping
Power Supply: ($60) Free Shipping
Processor: ($130) Free Shipping
Graphics Card: -- May need upgrade in the future. ($65) + $7
Total cost = $500 w/o shipping, $525 w/ shipping. 


I'm sure you could cut off that hard drive and find a completely different one with over 1TB and still be under $600

This build is assuming you don't need mouse keyboard ect...


why would you set him up with an apu build? especially with only ddr3 1600. theres bugs with the crossfire of the apu and gpu. just get a descrete GPU and proccessor so there isnt any headaches.

this build you get 1tb, a faster GPU, a more future proof motherboard, and an optical drive(which he did not add on). in this set up you should max 95% of games at 1080p.