Gaming PC Upgrade

So my main objective to to upgrade my Graphics Card, Case, and Cpu Cooler. I have already picked out a case (CM Haf Xm), but I still need help on choosing a Graphics card and Cpu Cooler.

My current graphics card is a gtx 560. I do mostly gaming but every now and then video editing and some 3ds max.(Not sure if this matters) 

Since black friday has passed and cyber monday is about to happen, I figured it would be the perfect time to make the purchase. I have mainly been looking at newegg's deals.(I havn't bothered looking at amazon or other sites yet)

So this is the first card I picked out. (My budget is about $350 for the Gpu)

[EVGA Gtx 660ti FTW+ 3gb] This card has a core clock of 1046MHz, 3gb of memory, and a backplate. It has a blower design (Which I have heard tends to run hotter), but I have also heard that the backplate lowers the temp by a few degrees. ($320)

This is another one of my picks.

[ASUS Gtx 660ti Dc2t 2Gb] This one has a higher core clock of 1059MHz, 2gb of memory, and a monster cooler. I would assume having the cooling design it has, it would run much cooler (and quieter)than the EVGA card above. I plan on running 3 Monitors and if I recall correctly, the more memory the better for multiple monitors, but i'm not sure if having 1gb more of memory would make that much of a difference. ($330)

I have not looked around much, but these cards seem to be the best I have found. I would prefer to not spend $350, unless it was really worth it.

[I have a amd 955] Next up is a cpu cooler. What I mainly want is something that is quiet and has room to overclock a bit. I have picked out a XIGMATEK Dark knight II night hawk edition cooler, its $40 right now. (I will admit the main reason I picked it is because it looks pretty and seems to have good reviews :) So thats about all I know about cpu coolers.

Now i'm wishing I had this much fun talking about stuff in essays for school, but sadly if it was fun it wouldn't be called school. I thank you if you managed to read this far and are able to help me.

For what you need, I'd suggest getting a 670 or a 7950 OR a 7970( some can be had for $350 these days). Especially the last two for a 3 screen setup. And, yes, more memory gives better perf. for higher resolutions. They're all much faster than the ones you suggested, especially the last one, and all very much worth it.

The new generation of NVidia cards run very cool. That's one of their attractive points.

As for a cooler, the best ones are: TPC 812, Corsair H100, and the Noctua NH-D14. For someone on a budget ($0-$30), Cooler Master Hyper 212+/ Evo. For $35-$50, probably an Antec Kuhler H2O.