Gaming pc under $800aud?

Hey guys just wondering if you could come up with a decent gaming pc build under $800aud I don't mind if its intel or amd. And needs atleast 8gb ram. And Windows 7. And also I need a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'm from Australia so it needs to be in my budget



G'Day Bluey,

I reckon the best place to look for computer parts in Australia is PC Case Gear


If you give us a better idea of what you were after, it will make it easier for everyone.

  • What size monitor are you after?
  • Do you want to buy some fancy, flashy keyboard, or a no mess, no fuss style keyboard?
  • What about speakers/headphones?

Well I'm not really sure what to get thats why I need some help

Fair enough... 

 That's what I've come up with.

$800 is quite a tight budget for a full system, including monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

It's probably worth noting that I haven't included an optical drive in that list, but if you want one, you can just add another $19 onto that price.

Also, once you factor in postage, you'll be about $35-40 over budget.

Here's the basic run down:


  • 21.5" 1080p VA panel, meaning you'll get awesome contrast out of it.


  • System should be able to power through any source game you throw at it, like Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, CS:GO, etc.
  • It can also max out any Call of Duty game
  • Battlefield 3 on Medium should run very smoothly
  • Skyrim and most other games should be fine at, or near max settings
  • Basically, just stick to 4x Anti-Aliasing or less in your game settings, and you should be fine.
  • The CPU may bog you down if you tried to do anything else while gaming.

Future Proofing:

  • Motherboard is B75 chipset, so you could swap out the CPU for any i3, i5, or i7 from the 2000 or 3000 series
  • Motherboard has PCIe3.0, so you could swap out the graphics card for any current generation card.
  • The power supply is only 380W though, so you'd probably have to upgrade that if you were to go for really high end gear.

The only real drawback is there's a 15 day wait on the monitor... I don't know if that's a deal breaker for you, but I think it's worth it.