Gaming pc under 550 euro/720 dollars

hi i want to build a gaming rig and would like an amd because intel chips are super expensive in belgium about 230 euro for an i5 which is about 300 dollars here is a list of the parts thati found is it a good build? i would like to be able to play bf3 on a 720p display at 30fps or higher and the upcomming gta 5 ps can i overclock with this motherboard? it is my first pc build and please do not suggest a kingston hyper x they cost 200 dollars for the lowest capacity one

that link seems to be broken, could you possibly make the list on this would make things alot easier and we can help you out.

i do not live in the usa so i can not order from newegg but here are the amazon links






adaptor to be able to use the usb 3.0



is it a good build if the cpu is too weak i would buy an amd 8320 8 core (i run a lot of multi threaded applications and also games) but then i would have to crap out on the case and get a far less nice one


551,30 EUR