Gaming PC suggestions

My Current Pc is getting old and is having Issues running World of Warcraft, as it is the only Pc game I play.

I am uk based so Partspicker uk would be fine.

So I am looking for suggestions on a gaming PC build that will run World of Warcraft and the New Warlords of Draenor with no issues.

Currently not sure of the total cost but will not need the OS or screen but would prefer a HMDI gfx card so I can run it to my TV with no issues.


Thank you for reading & I look forward to suggestions

Umm we really need a price point. I have this: and we can higher or lower the build price depending on your budget. 

I have an idea but before I share it, do you have any preferences in terms of companies? AMD or Intel for the CPU? Nvidia or AMD for the GPU? That sort of stuff. What is you budget, if you have one?

EDIT: Do happen to have any parts in your current PC that you would like to recycle into your new one, by chance?

Budget, please.

This is what happens when budgets are not given

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here you go

Say a budget of £600?

I have a hard drive to go in it already

Any bran do not mind, but should run wow with no issues

Os not needed as I haev a Windows 7 Disc already

A very nice suggestion thank you but how well will that gfx card run world of warcraft do you know?

If you do not want the R9 card, you can still use the A10 by itself as it is an APU. and The ram i suggested is 2133MHz.I am not sure what a GFX card is....It may be so old it is no longer in production. If You had to, the A10 should run fine on its own and even better with that R9

Naw, you could do a lot better.

As for the R9 280X, I'm pretty sure you can max out all settings.  It's a very strong card.

The A10's graphics will be no use if you use the dedicate graphics card.  The R9 280X is still in production and is in AMD's current line of desktop GPUs.  It has 3 gigabytes of GDDR5 VRAM.  The A10's graphics by itself is weak compared to any half decent dedicated graphics card.

As for the R9 280X, I'm pretty sure you can max out all settings.  It's a very strong card

Agreed that is all I am reading about that card for wow. People are saying the same. But I do not need a hard drive as I have a internal one spare, could that cost be used elsewhere in that build? Thanks

Got a better motherboard.  This will allow you to upgrade to an 8 core if you want.

If you go with an 8 core off the bat it's more expensive but you won't have to upgrade.

The Pro has more PCIe lanes, but the Evo should still handle up to 2 graphics cards just fine.

Noob is totally right. Unfortunatly AM3+ is a dead or dying socket. FM2+ is where most new stuff is coming. I am not certain AM3+ has another generation left in itl

Anyway, I think you should stick with Noob's second to last build he gave you. That should save you the extra money for other things.

Unless AMD makes some super efficient chips, the max TDP that FM2+ can handle will still limit how strong the CPU will be.  An Athlon X4 760k is around an FX-4300's speeds.  AM3+ has been around, and although AMD has stated that the FX line is not dead yet, I'm sure that a new socket will come out to replace AM3+.  I think AMD has said that the FX line won't be updated anytime this year, though.


This one? As I do agree it does look very good

Yep, that's the build.

I will go that build thanks. Might as well get a new keyboard and mouse as well. Any good suggestions?