Gaming pc in an NES case?

I've got an old dead NES at home, since the 750ti has been released, at 60 watts, I've been considering doing something awesome. I know there is not much space in the case so I was thinking something like this, at least size wise, for the psu

a shorter heatsink than the stock one like this one

A mini itx motherboard, an amd AMD Athlon X4 740/750k/760k for the cpu, something cheap that has 4 cores, 8GB of normal ram with low heat spreaders, and of course a 750ti for the low power usage gpu. No optical drive because I don't use them and I have a usb one IF I ever need one.

Would this be feasible?

You could try a sfx power supply that may fit.


Sure.  Been done plenty of times, though usually with emulators in mind rather than true PC gaming.  

There's enough space for an ITX or a small Micro ATX board (about 8" x 9" at the base).  Of course, there's not enough vertical space to have a graphics card.  An NES is less than 4" tall.  So you'll probably need to go APU or possibly a 90 degree PCI-E bracket if you really want to cram a GPU in there.  Not sure you could find a sufficiently powerful PSU that would fit though (the one posted above MIGHT fit, if you can find a good spot for it), so you may have to go external.  

Your biggest issue is obviously going to be heat what with a MB, Heatsink, GPU, HDD/SSD all crammed into that small of a box, so make sure you vent her.