Gaming PC help!

Hi, I heard that these forums have some very helpful people so... here I am! I've just started university a week ago and my laptop's GPU died on me because I bought it used (stupid on my part). I could still use this laptop but it's not reliable. On top of this my sound ports and some usb ports died along with my GPU must be from grief or something bizarre like that aha :p. So this laptop can't do many things that a PC is meant to do so I can rely on this...

Since the announcements of the next-gen consoles I've been in a constant battle with myself on which platform I should choose. I would get both PS4 and PC but money is an issue for me at this point in my life. I'm already a invested PC gamer and I have been doing mostly console gaming all my life until a year ago where I upgraded my old desktop to run games (I used to play PC when I was 13 years of age, I would play GTA Vice City and Evil Genius on my very first Desktop PC). Ever since the upgrade I have had conflicts in between what to get (I know I'm kinda repeating what I said earlier). I prefer PC but my brother and most of my friends play PS4 but I noticed some of my friends are also making the console to PC transition so there's hope. SO! Now that my laptop is not reliable my decision is now made. 

Like I said I'm already an invested PC gamer I already have a good monitor, razer deathadder (not the 2013 one), razer keyboard, razer mouse pad, a geforce gtx 660 ti Evga 2gb and a TX650 corsair PSU. On top of all of this I have a massive PC gaming library on steam and other gaming services. Also, I already have a copy of Windows 8 pro so this cuts down my cost even more! My budget is floating around 800-900$. I would like to wait for black friday to shave off the costs but clearly time isn't on my side at this point. I have a computing class and I need to make sure that I could rely on something. I also find it way easier to maintain a desktop compared to a laptop for example if the GPU would have gave out on my Desktop I could just swap it out for a new one easily. 

I have been doing some virtual building and this is what I ended up with. I'm canadian so I use






GPU (the one I already have)

PSU (the one I already have)

Please tell me your thoughts on my build. In total this will cost me only 840.39$ with shipping and taxes. And I'm going to buy a CD rom during black friday because I don't need one right away, I will just use the one from my old desktop for the time being. I am planning on upgrading my GPU and PSU in 3-4 from now because they are not the most up to date pieces in this build. If you have a better build in mind than the one posted for roughly the same cost then please post it!

Thank you in advance for your replies and help. Sorry if there's any grammatical errors. I will reply back immediately to your posts if need be. 


Looks good I would get the asus sabertooth or asus 990fx pro instead for less and get an ssd to go with it and a cpu cooler to overclock I would also go for the mid tower phantom the full tower one will be huge I would guess.

Thank you so much for the fast reply. So are CPU coolers a must for a gaming PC it's a question that I never got a definitive answer on; I'm not much into overclocking but I'm open to it. I personally like massive towers just because I like the spacious aspect, the airflow and this is going to be technically my first time building a gaming PC so I would like everything to be less condensed if what I'm saying makes sense, correct me if I'm wrong. Also, thanks for the asus 990fx suggestion it's practically the same but cheaper. 

I would get one just because the stock one is loud and annoying and doing a small overclock is easy and get some performance.  If you are not into overclocking alot the 990fx pro will be perfect and a cpu cooler like this will work great and be quite and allow you to overclock at low temps.

Thank you so much for your helpful advice and welcoming behaviour to the community. You have no idea how grateful I am for your posts. Thank you once again and have great day! 

I am always happy to help people get into pc gaming good luck with your build