Gaming PC for atleast $500

Okay guys I need a gaming PC for about 500$ depends on the rates because Im from the Philippines.


All I play is RF Online. Aura Kingdom not playing BF4 or anything ( Because My PC cant handle it LOL )


My old system is a Dual Core Intel, 4GB RAM, GT 240.


cant even play RF online with high settings and even Aura Kingdom even in low setting I lag like hell when I party with other people.


Heres what Im thinking


AMD FX 6300

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

Aerocool 500watts 80Plus Bronze

Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3 1600mhz

Seagate 1TB HDD


On the case I want the ZXT Phantom 410 but budget issues getting in my way any cheap cases would you suggest guys? with 3.0 USB the cheapest.


I was thinking about getting HD 7870 or R9 270x but would that card be overkill for the games I play?


and I still need to buy a 24" LED Monitor gonna start working again soon so I think I can save money for it.

Well, that setup will do you nicely.  I personally would go with a 4 core AMD CPU and a better motherboard.  Get an Athlon II X4 750K and an A88X board.

The HD 7870 is a powerful card for the price.  I highly recommend it.

The problem is theres no Athlon II X4 released here in the philippines all we have is those APUs like A10 5800k they didnt release the quad core only here I would need it to be ship if Ill get it.


Why quad core vs 6 core?

To save some money.  The Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 can pretty much only support up to a FX-6300 due to a lack of cooling and power phases.  It's a relatively budget board.  If you only have the FX-line, the setup you have now should be just fine.

Hmm how about this board AM3+ Asrock 970 Extreme 4 ?


I dont plan on overclocking so is this okay? or should I get a 990FX board for future upgrades like switching to FX 8350?

It will take a while to save some money maybe 6 months more my money is 400$ still not enough I still have to buy a 24" LED monitor and a 270x card or maybe 7870.


Maybe ill save some money for FX 8350 what do you suggest bro?


Ill take a while for me to save up I have my electric bill and interet bill :P + food budget and suppliments haha ( gym addict ) + monthly fees in the gym LOL thats why it will take a while like 6 months >.<


All I want is to go all out in this PC so it will last like 5 years + that can play all or almost all of the latest games.


This PC im using is 7 years old exactly last year Dec. 12, 2013 hahaha its still running nothing broke, I bought this way back 2007 for $700 a package in HP pavillion still running smoothly the problem is cant play in high setting with RF even in Aura Kingdom with this GT 240 GPU LOL.