Gaming PC for a friend


A friend of me want to build(well actually he wants me to build it for him :P)a gaming pc.

His budget is $1200-1250 and he will be using a screen with 1920x1080 resolution.


He doesn't want to OC and allready has monitor, mice and keyboard. Since he doesn't want to uninstall anything he wants 3TB storage.


I configured this for him:


I'm wondering if a r9290 isn't overkill for "only" 1080p and he is better of with a 280x


The 3TB and 4TB drives(pretty much from all brands) are really quite unreliable and have a higher failure rate than 1TB and 2TB drives.  With that 512GB SSD, I'm sure 2TB will be plenty.


The build seems good, but i would recommend a couple of things.


First of all i would recommend an Asus motherboard, like the Z97-A, its cheap and great.

Instead of crucial ram, i would vouch for kingston hyperX fury, as they're highly reliable (quite a bit more that crucial ballistix), and they look great. 

I would also recommend a different ssd, like a HyperX 3k ssd, or a samsung 840 EVO.


and if you are going to build the system, i'd recommend a GTX 780, instead of an r9 290, as nvidia cards preform better with intel CPU's than AMD cards do.

^- That'd be gorgeous, very fast, and would max out 1080p relatively easy... all in what you're looking for I suppose...

Side notes: I don't see any reason in the world to pay an extra $100 for a 780... given... the m.2 SSD is excessive... but they're REALLY fast :P