Gaming pc for 640 no more :D

hi there

i need a help to build a pc for gaming. i am looking a lot of time for a pc but i am not good at this. :P

the pc that i want doesnt include screne mouse keyboard and the software, just the box and the hardware.

i have a screne at 1920*1080 and i will buy the pc the next week propably.

please help me

 i live in greece in athens.

i play all the kind of games (cod, bioshock, metro 2033,hitman, gta v ......)

if you show me the parts i will propably fand them here  

 i good site with many shops to compare in my countru is

sorry for my english


any help !!!

what currency?

euro it will be good


What country?



This should fit the bill. Prices in Greece are probably much higher than in Germany, so I left a great deal of room in the budget.

$850 is 640 euros so you still have some money left