Gaming PC for €500

Hello my little brother wants to buy a gaming PC for a max budget of €500. I would really appreciate it if you could help us out. Please post the builds in €.

Hey just some initial questions before we start,can you specify

  • What kinds of games
  • Does this include peripherals 
  • Is it a case that you'd like it to be more dependent on GPU over CPU where you can allocate a large portion of the money towards a better graphics card and have an average run of the mill CPU 
  • Can you allocate parts from an older PC



Thanks for the fast reply!

Here the games he wants to play: Battlefield 4, CoD: Ghosts and minecraft. (Probably GTA V too, if it ever comes out for PC)

The build doesn't include peripherals, we will buy those separately.

I do not know what is faster, a good GPU or a good CPU.

We cannot allocate parts from an older PC because we sold those.

Thanks in advance.

Oops forgot about the OS, he wants windows 7 if you can find that with the build it's fine.

May I suggest:

CPU: FX-6300 =  £84.40 now on Amazon

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 = £54.98 on Amazon

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws-X 8GB 1600Mhz = £52.99 on Amazon

GPU: VTX3D AMD Radeon R9 270X X-Edition 2GB = £159.99 on Amazon;

          or Sapphire Dual-X Radeon R9 270X OC = £160.59 (or any other cheap r9 270x that you can find).

PSU: Corsair Builder Series CX 500 Watt = £43.23 on Amazon;

       or Cooler Master G-Series G600W = £46.24 on Amazon

Case: Xigmatek CCC-AD34BT-U01 Asgard 382 Mesh Midi Tower = £36.99 on Amazon

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive = £48.47 on Amazon

DVD drive (optional): Samsung 24x SATA Black = £15.60 on Amazon

Total = £497

I don't think Win7 can fit into a £500 build without too great of a compromise...

Thats £ not €, so your £80 over budget.........good luck! ;) 

oops :) I could have sworn it said £. well, hopefully he can find similar stuff for a similar price in euros.

Thanks for the ideas and maybe i'll just save a little bit more money to get a €580 build including win7. Maybe i can save some money on some parts too. But if anyone has a nice build in euros, you are free to post! :)