Gaming PC for $1000


My friend want to build a new gaming pc and he already has a few parts.

So he already has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, video card, power supply(650watt, plan to upgrade later) and 3 HHD

He wants an SSD and he will need an OS(and everything else)

He wants a liquid cpu cooler (something like the Corsair h100i)

He wants thecase the BitFenix Colossus White

So can you make a part list of what we still need to be around $1000. thanx in advance!

What video card does he have? For a thousand dollars look at something like this:

If he doesn't need the dvd drive he can save $15 and not order it.

He has a 650ti for now but we plan to upgrade it eventually. also it says that the cpu cooler and the case are incompatible.

check this out as well, it is $20 over, but worth it. iof that is a problem, simply downgrade to an R9-270