Gaming PC for 1000$

My friend (Let's just call him popup271 LOL) and he wants a computer worth 1000$ and he can build this system on his own. So can you guys reccomend one? He doesn't want an SSD I'm all like why he's like FUCK'm. I'm just like k.


So yeah recommendations?

whats it used for, country your in, do you have any parts already, does the budget include a copy of windows, mouse, keyboard, and monitor? 

Nope just the computer itself and its just for gaming.

I just built a nice gaming rig for $1100 U.S including the monitor. Here are the PC parts (not counting an operating system or a monitor)

-HD7950 (Was able to get this for under 200$ while it was on sale, also 3 free games)


-G.Skill (2x4) 8GB RAM

-NZXT Phantom

-Gigabyte 970A-D3P Motherboard

-Seagate 1TB Hard Drive. Don't go for anything over the top here or you'll end up spending quite a bit of money.

-I found a 600W PSU that seems to be working just fine for around 80$. The PSU really depends on what you end up with. Just try to find a Bronze certified PSU at the very least. Of course, also make sure it can power the computer.

As always, look for deals- the final price depends heavily on the specific parts you use and whether or not they are on sale. has some great deals.

i will make a few options.

  1. AMD option1:
  2. AMD option2:
  3. Intel option 1:
  4. Intel option 2:

Few good builds with decent parts. i know the psu is massive overkill, but its on sale for $82. You cannot arguing for that price. You could offcoure go for a cheaper psu, to save money. It´s just to give you some idea'´s what you could do. its offcourse a bit depending on which resolution he´s planning to game. for 1080P a R9-280X is good enough, to play moste games on ultra.

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