Gaming PC Build

I'm looking to build a gaming computer for ~ 1900 $ (I live in Sweden) for slight overclocking and run games such as Bf4 , Far cry etc. at ultra or high in 1080p but will upgrade to a 1440p monitor soon


Might get another gtx 980 in the future


Will this be balanced / enough ?

already have OS, peripherals ... 

Looks good to me, although are you going to get a data drive? To store games and such? 

Yeah I'm gonna get a normal 1-4tb hard drive as well since it's pretty cheap in my country :)

Also thanks for the response

Looks good.  I might consider getting a cheaper(but still quality) motherboard, and put in a quieter cooler or some quiet fans.

Don't go any higher than 3TB for one drive, also, if you do get a 3TB drive in particular then make sure that it's set to GBT not MBR.

Ok, I'll probobly go with a 2tb drive and just add another hardrive if I run out of space.

I was talking to a friend and he said I'd need a i7-4790k, is this true?

For gaming?

lol no.  An i5 is perfectly fine for gaming, even with 2-3 GTX 980s.

Video editing/rendering and CAD is a different story.

Ok great, I'll tell him him that :D

thanks for response