Gaming Pc Build

I'm trying to make a build that is black and green could anyone give me any help.

It has to be intel and include the BenQ GL2450HM 60Hz 24.0" Monitor which is £120

My budget will be about 930 pounds.

I want to be able to play arma 3 on high 1080p along with games like wolfenstein the new order, watch dogs and conter-strike. 

i have made a little go at building one on pc part picker but I would like some input

Thx mike

Hi man, I tried to make a PC for you with the prices from I did not include an hard drive. I've gone for a 240gb SSD. when that thing is full, you can always go for an extra hard disk.

now you wanted a green and black pc. I found a green / black motherboard. it's the Gigabyte g1.sniper z87. It might be a little too much for your built, but it's black and green.

honestly, when i built my first pc a year ago, I went for all these colors and stuff. but I'm not happy with it. I was happy with my computer for the first few weeks, but now I just want it to be hidden somewhere next to my desk. I went for the NZXT Phantom 410 white which is quite a noticable case. I wish I'd gone for a more subtle case. now if you would go for a buildt that was less noticeable in your room, you can go for another motherboard that is a lot cheaper and smaller. take for example the MSI Z87M-G43 it has all that you need and is a lot cheaper. if you would put that in a closed micro-atx case, would be great!

Now you wanted a black/green built so i put that in the list below with the prices. tell me what you think!

Cpu - I would go for the i5-4670K it's great cou (I have it myself). you can overclock also overclock this one because it has the K at the end which means that it is unlocked.

Motherboard - I went for the Gigabyte G1.Sniper. again, it's a little overkill but it is black and green (and more expensive).

Ram - Kingston Beast 8gb. It's black, it's cheap. It's what you want.

GPU - I went for the MSI N770 Twin Frozr. It would be one of the more expensive components of your built. now I haven't really followed the graphics cards last year, so you should look this up for yourself a little more. try comparing it to the AMD GPU's.

SSD/HDD - I went for a Samsung ssd. I've got an SSD in my computer, and I could not live without it. I highly recommend saving uo for an hard disk later on and live with this ssd for the first few months. and really an hdd is not that expensive. But I did leave it out. 

PSU - PSU's are boring purchases. but it is important that you take the right one. When I built by computer i did not know which one to take, so I went to the store and asked. I took thw Corsair CX 600M. I think you should take the same one. 600 watts is enough for this built and the Corsairs are reliable.  

monitor - Benq

case - Corsiar 450D. It's black. It has a window so you can go and look at you green. It's what you want. I suppose there are other cases out there that are cheaper. I haven't looked into this very much. 

There you go. that's 929.58 pounds!


Ok here are two build and why you ask? Its because the fanboying for intel needs to stop, they really are not that much better, its time to move past this.


This will do every thing the intel PC can do, really most games now will use 8 cores (because of "next gen" consoles)


Cheap as i could get it well sticking to green (greens costs a lot lol)


I'm not fanboying it's just that that amd will not play arma well. I no this as one of my friends has the 8350 and he can not play it on high. Also i will not use what the 8530 is better over the i5-4670k which is streaming and recording.

I really appreciate your input as it looks like you took a lot of time to do what you have.

i will take it into consideration.

i will use the fractal design r4 as i just like the design better.

i like the ssd idea as well as hard drives only cost like 40 pounds.

and i will also over clock in the future.

thx for the help mike.

AMD cpu's have a great price/performance ratio. I you were to build a cheaper pc an AMD would be great.but for 930 pounds..... I'd go with an Intel. 

You have to realize that games like ARMA 3 are super CPU intensive, and poorly threaded.  Intel chips will outperform AMD's chips in this game.

Here's what I would get.

The Kingston SSDNow V300 uses cheaper flash, which results in inconsistent read and write performance.

I also picked up a card with aftermarkete cooling.  The reference blower style cooler is a bit loud.

Normal Define R4.  You don't need the XL.

Better quality power supply.  If you plan on getting another card in the future, a high quality 750w power supply will do the job.

Thank you for telling my about the ssd as i would have no idea.

One question it's about the ram it says not enough voltage what does that mean


Intel "recommends" you use lower voltage RAM.  I have Kingston RAM that's rated at 1.65v but runs just fine with my Intel i5-3570k.  It should work with no problem.

okay thx i just didn't want it setting on fire