Gaming PC build


I'm going to be building my 1st PC which I will be using for gaming. I'm going to be playing Battlefield 3 primarily, as well as CS:GO, Planetside 2 and most likely Battlefield 4 when that comes out, all at 1080p.

My Budget is around £600.

These are the parts I am considering:

I have a spare hard drive though it's a Seagate Barracuda 300gb (7200rpm), I will probably upgrade this later on as it's quite old however I am wondering whether it's fine for now. I have DVD drive, and I haven't included Windows 7 in my budget or build.

Having read a lot of things on the internet, I think this should be OK, however I'm unsure whether it's worth spending a bit more on the motherboard and whether spending a bit more on an 80 Plus PSU is actually worth it. I'm also undecided on which graphics card to use, between the GTX 760 (EVGA Superclocked) or the HD 7950, or maybe another card?

Any thoughts?


This comes to £608. You can add another 7870 in the future and I would recommened getting a CPU cooler like the 212 evo or xigmatek dark knight. The PSU will support an additional GPU as well. You could get a 7950 but the 7850GHz eddition is enough, especially with crossfire in the future. The asock board is really good and there extream series is one of the best theyve done. The case I chose is really good looking however if you dont care about looks grab something cheaper and maybe stretch to a 7950.

The AMD FX- 8350 is pretty much the best value for money cpu you can get, it is faster then the i5's offered by intel and not too far behind the 3770/ 4770k's 

Awesome cpu for the money.