Gaming PC build

Hello people,

This is my build, and I would like a second opinion. Any remarks, suggestions, etc are great.

I left out the screen, keyboard and mouse for convience. The link:

Thanks in advance, Wazaaguy

You could swap the 7970 for a 7950. There is only a small difference between those cards. You could save $100, and that would pay for an SSD, or a slightly better cooler. The evo is fine if you want to do a mild overclock.

I would change a lot.

The Sabertooth series of motherboards, for pretty much all sockets/chipsets, are overpriced for an under-feautred board. The Gigabyte UD5 990FX is better; it has a stronger VRM, better memory frequency support, and is solid black, so it fits with pretty much anything.

No reason to get a low-end 7970 instead of a high-end 7950; the 7970 is only marginally better, but $100 more expensive; not worth it. The MSI 7950 has a great cooler, strong VRM, and high-quality components.

The Phanteks PH-TC12DX is a great cooler, and is a solid performer. It looks great, and comes in many color options, as well. It will handle a 4.6gHz OC easily on that 8350.

That PSU is overpriced. Just because it's Corsair doesn't make it good. Instead, I'd grab a Seasonic G 550W, which is 80+ Gold, semi-modular, and very well built.

Grab a Fractal Design Define Arc Midi R2, instead of the Haf X. I justdon't likethe Haf X. The Arc Midi R2 has great airflow, looks better, and is cheaper. It's built well, too.

Optical drives are pointless - just don't get one if you don't need it. It's a waste of $18 :|