Gaming PC Build, Need help picking parts :D

Hi, My name is Kyle I'm new to the forums (so go easy on me), and starting to get into PC gaming. My budget is 700-800 dollars. I've been doing a good ammount of research on the internets. I want to be able to max out games such as Skyrim, COD Ghosts, etc. and do a bit of video editing. He is a build I found on a website, but I changed some things to my liking. So the main question at hand is, is this a good build for the money for what I want to do? Please feel free to change that build however you deem necessary, and/or give me a complete different build within my price range. Thanks! :]

well for $800 you can do better. ☺

if that is over budget then this:


Also, this PSU is great.  It's also really cheap after a mail in rebate.  If you can pick it up, do so.

well you could get a 7950 and then get a 64gb ssd from kingston for your  os and your video editing program so they could boot up faster

also if you dont mind spending an extra 20$ extra you could get a 120 ssd