Gaming PC Build Help?

Hi, i'm looking to build my own gaming pc I've tried lots of other sites but with unhelpful answers.

So I'm looking to build a pc that can play games like BF3, Crysis 3, Witcher 1 and 2 and other new titles as well as some old titles. My budget is around $650-$850. I'll be gaming on a 1366x768 monitor (pretty eh I know)

Parts I already own are monitor, optical drive, and OS

I can make a 850 but it would have a 7950/7970 so how about I just make you one where its has a 1080 monitor and a 7870XT which is pretty much in the middle of a 7870GHz and a 7950

 1366x 768 is the devils resolution

but if you plan on upgrading the monitor later which I recommend

comes with crysis 3, blood dragon, bioshock infinite, and tomb raider

Thanks! Came out cheaper than I expected so I'm gonna go ahead and buy the Acer monitor along with the rest of the parts. Any other recommendations?

Here you go, a build that i made ealier before. i think this would be please you very well. AMD FX8350 with a decent 990fx chipsetboard and a sapphire 7870XT gpu is realy a great gpu, its based on the tahiti Le chip its basicly a 7930 card. 1536 stream processors instead of 1280 on a normal 7870. ofc if you can stretch your budget a bit an trow in a 7950 would be greater.

grtz Angel ☺