Gaming pc build help

hi im building a gaming pc to replace my PS3 and i could use some advice on a few things. i have used pcpartpicker to build a pc to my liking but i need some input on it. tell me what you guys think about it. let me know if there is anything i should change to get better performance for the same price.

this is the build

will this build run battlefield 3, skyrim, elder scrolls online, SWTOR, CoD, and Crysis 2 in high or ultra graphics? and what would the average frame rate be for them? i will not be doing any recording or anything like that.

and will i be able to play online mutliplayer withough any lag or frame skips? 

the graphics card i chose can be overclocked. by doing this how much of a boost can i expect out of it?

i am going with a WD 1TB 7200rpm 64mb HDD. how will the load times be with this? i want to use a SSD but i do not have enough money at this point. so ill will just be using the HDD for now until i have extra to spend on a SSD.

i also have a question about the OS. does anyone know of a cheaper way to get windows 7 home premium? i do not want to spend a bunch of money on an OS

any help or advice would be great thanks!

I wouldn't pick that GPU for that budget, you could get a 7870 Tahiti LE / 7870 XT for the same price and would see a significant improvement.

Can you raise your budget by $50? The 660 ti is a stud of a graphics card i believe.

Or as peps1 said, go with the 7870, so much better than the 660.

could you please explain why those gpus are better then the msi 660? i have heard great things about this card. and how much of an improvement?

why is the 7870 better then this card? sorry, i do not know too much about gpus

any specific brand of the 7870 i should look at?
which of these cards will run these games the best? 

Give this video card a look. It's temps, even when overclocked, are REDICULOUSLY low and it's the same price. It may not look as flashy, but for a longer lasting GPU it may peak your interest!

The new 7870 cards are a lot better then the 600 and even the 660ti for a pure gaming rig, and you will get a much higer frame rate.

Been hearing good things about the SAPPHIRE HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 XT but you want to look for any with the following names

7870 Tahiti LE

7870 XT

these are the new card that are stripped down versions of the 7950 rather then just a tweaked 7870 card.

Best thing to do is have a look at some benchmarks to see how much better the 7870 Tahiti LE/XT cards do over the 660 card (the new 7870's even beat the 600TI card on most games.)

I will try and find you some benchmarks to look at, but it may be hard as 7870 Tahiti LE are seen as a different league to 660, and tend to be compared to the more expensive 660ti cards.


i tired to find benchmarks but was not able to come across any. i like the card but with this card it will put my build close to 700. and im pushing it close with $650. this card is fairly better then the MSI Geforce GTX 660 but i dont believe its a Ti card. it is a twinfrozr 3 OC edition. and i heard that it did better then the 660ti, not for sure though.but if you find benchmarks please show me, id love to see them 

Hey unekmike,

I thought this was a great article on the Tahiti LE - and it has benchmarks which include the 660ti.  Check it out if you like:


awesome thanks. 

i am so torn between the two cards. iv been ready reviews all day. one will say the 7870 is better then one will say the 660ti is better. 

so is this the card you are talking about?