Gaming pc build (help/recomendations)

Hi i'm currently in the process of picking out some components for a pc and i need some help, I want the pc purely for gaming so far this is my part list if you could possibly make some recommendations on what you think I should keep or exchange it would be greatly appreciated my budget is around $1,000 AUD

this will be my first pc

That's a pretty good build. You do have a really expensive optical drive though. I don't see anything wrong with it and in fact I think it's a great deal for that graphics card you get there.

All I can say is that have you considered an AMD build also? You can save a bit of money with an AMD processer and put it into something else, like a graphics card. Just a small thought but all in all, this is a good build. 

thanks for you input, i have looked at an amd build but there aren't many amd motherboards at my local computer store so it's kind of a problem