Gaming PC build help! OS Help

so i been hearing how bad windows 8 is but since its newer should i buy windows 8 because more games are gonna be compadable with windows 8 instead of windows 7. But than again windows 7 is more relyable and "better" but i am not sure witch os to buy for gaming please help me.

There are alot of forums posts like this lately, take a look through the feed. The answers are all there..

Windows 8 runs quite a bit faster than Windows 7, so I would personally go for Windows 8 simply because you can change the looks back into Windows 7 style with programs and it runs faster so yeah.

I heard it goes faster as well... it doesn't...

More over in multiple cases (Including my laptop I updated and the laptop a buddy of mine bought with 8 on it) the wireless drivers have had issues... basically the only fix I can go with is a fresh install of windows 8 and then update the drivers to 3rd party drivers immediately...

If you decide to go with windows 8 then look into getting different drivers.  Also Windows 7 will be supported for a long time and is really the fastest best option... (If you can't tell I'm really pretty grouchy at windows for that mess... If I want to use wifi I have to be on Ubuntu which really doesn't do games well at all =P)