Gaming Pc Build? Good or bad?

Just would like to know if this is a good idea?

I would get Win 7, not 8.

And what do you need 2 SSDs for? The 240 GB one should be plenty. If you need more storage get a bigger HDD. Also the 1000W powersupply seems a bit much. SeaSonics are great (I've had Seasonics for years) but a 7XX W should do with room to spare.

Win8 because of the better speed and such im gonna mod it to have a start button anyways. i need the space of both the SSD for temporary high speed editing and games. And the 1000W for future crossfire

Im gonna have to agree with marquito42, 850w psu will run crossfire hd 7970s fine, and if you go 3way crossfile the 1000w psu wont be enough. id get something like THIS

Id also recommed you get some kind of watercooling for the cpu if you intend to overclock it, aircooling wont get you far with the fx series.

Get two 120ssds and raid them for beautiful speeds!  You shouldn't need more than 240gb for an ssd...  Chuck everything you don't use much on the hdd

But when Logan tested the Dark night it did about the same as the h100... Soo ya. Also i want the 1000W just incase for future upgrades etc.