Gaming PC Build Advice

Hello, I am going to be building my first gaming pc this summer and I would like some advice. I have a build, link bellow, allready setup and would appreciate any advice/feedback.

My budget is about 1600 dollars, but this is not set in stone. This will be mainly for gaming with the possibility of Youtube videos and possibly Bit Coin mining in the future for Tek Syndicate. I know very little about over clocking but I do plan to over clock both my cpu and gpu.

My gaming preferences vary from games such as Starcraft, Skyrim, Deus Ex, Fallout, Battlefield, Total War, BioShock, and Minecraft. 

Also I plan on upgrading my keyboard in the future. I currently have a Razer Lycosa keyboard and am interested in buying a mechanical keyboard that will work well with different types of games such as FPS, RPG, and real time strategy.

Thanks to all the respond.

PC Build Link

For like $60 more you can have almost everything better...

Thanks for the comment,what would you suggest. 

a friend of  mine owns a haf x and says its an ok case, but its great for air cooling supposedly, maybe you should go with air cooling which will be quiter than the liquid cooling you have

Maybe,  I had planned to go with water cooling because I planned to do some serious overclcking. I'll look into some air coolers then. Any ones you prefer?

Im more of an intel guy, so this is what i recommend. If you want a better keyboard, swap out the 16 gigs of ram for 8 and put the money towards the keyboard.

Thanks i will keep this build in mind. I see you chose a different graphics card, is this because you trust msi more or because it offers better features? Also i forgot to mention i  allready have the operating system and a main hardrive.