Gaming PC build [$750-$1000] need help!

Hello guys I am in need for some advice for building a PC!

My Budget: $750-$1000

Location: CANADA

please note that i already have these:

  • GTX 760 DUCII from ASUS
  • a 23inch 1080p monitor
  • 2x 1TB mechanical hard drives 
  • Windows 8 pro x64
  • optical drive (blu ray drive thing :P)

Some general things:

  • Optimization for rendering
  • gaming
  • recording as well
  • medium graphics for games at at least 30FPS
  • main games: KSP, Minecraft


my Case (the one I'm looking at) currently priced at reg. $109.99                                        

that case is the only thing that I'm sure i want otherwise id like some help coming up with the mother board, CPU, power supply, RAM, and SSD*.


This should fit the bill. Two 760s in SLI plus an 8350 should be able to max out any game out there, and the m5a99fx pro plus the Xigmatek Dark knight should get you a decent overclock.

ill take a look thx :D

just one thing if i order through this page can i turn off the optical drive cause i already have one?