Gaming PC advice

So here we go, for the longest time i was going to build a Hackintosh but then I realized that game support on Mac is minimal. So now I'm going back to PC for a gaming rig.

Here is the parts list

Budget is right around $1000

I plan on playing GTA V, WatchDogs, BF4, iRacing, and FIFA. 

I do edit photos using Lightroom 6 every now and then but that will increase. Video editing will come in the future but not a huge amount of it. 

I already have a 1080p Monitor, keyboard, mouse, Fractal R4 case, and 3 AF140mm case fans and 2 SP120 cpu cooler fans . I will also be buying a Headset and a fan controller for the case. 

I only really want to play in 1080p for right now, I don't know much about overclocking but would like to get into it.

This will be my first build and I'm not afraid of building the physical computer but I'm worried that i will spend the money and not get Vey High/Ultra setting on the games listed above. Any recommendations will be much appreciative. 

Thanks guys in advance. 

if you could get a bit more money, you could get this

The R9 290 will absolutely dominate the R9 270 in the original build. And for gaming, an overclocked FX 8320 will be as powerful as an i5 and maybe a bit faster in rendering. FX 8320 is also a lot cheaperr than i5+a good Z97 mobo, so you can put the saved money towards a better GPU, wich will give the most significant boost in performance.

Also, tests show that Watch dogs really eats up GPU memory. 1080p ultra it can take around 3.5 GB of VRAM, so the 4 GB frame buffer on the R9 290 would really help in that game. I've just heard that drivers are kinda bad for AMD in that game ATM :/ but it might have changed alrdy when i'm posting this, not reading quite actively about it :D

Hope I helped :)

thanks man, i like the idea of the 290, but not so much the price. i have thought of the 8350, but not the 8320 just cause why not pay a little more money and get a better base clock. I just really like the idea of going intel for future purposes as in i might upgrade to and i7 in the future. As with WatchDogs, im not to worried about maxing that game out. I know that it is and will continue to be a challenging game to run on ultra. 

If you are fine with it then, go for what was in your mind :) it's a solid and compatible build but the GPU just seemed a little underpowered for the budget, money could be spended a bit better :/ for ex. watercooling isn't neccessary, you could go with like a CM hyper 212 EVO, it's great for it's price and will be able to cool a i5 with a moderate overclock too. Something to concider also would be a R9 280(X) they have came down in price a lot. You can grab a R9 280 for under 200$ nowdays :)

Also, if you don't like to overclock, this would be a nice build too with the same red/black colour scheme

30$ more expencive than your original build but the performance gains are well worth it. You are basically getting a i7-4770 without iGPU and a GPU that is able to max out most of modern games at 1080p with mostly over 60 FPS average

Hope I helped better this time :D

Thanks man really. I like the Xeon build but I don't really know a lot about the Xeon group. And one reason I went with the h100i is beacaue I have two fan spots on the top of my case that I could use a bigger radatior. I juat want the best bang for my buck setup. I went to and i compared the xeon and the 4670k, and the i5 won according to them. I just want to build a solid setup that is pretty future proof for at least a year or two. thanks for all the setups. youve been a world of help 

This seems like the best bang for my buck haha.

For LGA1150, the Xeons are indeed i7s with locked multipliers(aka no K) and no integrated graphics.

Cpuboss is a very generic baseline.  The Xeons are 4 core 8 threaded processors, and in today's iterations, are very, very fast for the money.

As for your current build, if you want to overclock, I'd suggest getting a better motherboard such as the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0.  This has a stronger power delivery design which can handle the CPU's power draw a lot better than the M5A97 R2.0.

thanks for the reply and parts list. But i think i have finally found a good Price to Performance parts list. I'm almost dead set on this on. If there is anything that you would change, do different, upgrade, or whatever let me know.

note: I removed Windows 8.1, and the headset. I can get Windows for a cheaper price cause of my College, and I'm not totally sure that is the headset I want. (recommendations would be appreciative.) 

There is one thing to note.

If you are going to be overclocking, you will need a motherboard with a Z97 chipset.  Overclocking with a locked multiplier is much, much harder, and having the correct chipset on your motherboard will help immensely.

thanks for the reply, and yeah i saw that last night after i posted. switched to a z97 board now and almost ready to order. Can you tell me what kinda of performance i will be able to get out of this. Basically is it worth all the money. and should i wait for the 4th of july to see if there will be any deals running. 

You should be able to run almost, if not all games at max settings(esp at 1920x1080)

Thanks for all the help guys. but now I'm looking at going for the 280x rather than the 290. I like the 280x price, but i love the future-proof-ness of the 290. i just don't know what to do. I never thought that my build would become such a best (imo). thanks for all the help guys.