Gaming Pc advice: Is this config good for gaming?

Hey there,

I've worked out this gaming pc configuration over the last few weeks and I wanted to know if there is anything that should be changed. Now, I'm trying to go for a value gaming pc but still good performance. I want it to run games like Watch Dogs, Titanfall and BF4/3 at high/ultra settings and 1080p at fps >40. 

I'm from Germany, which means that the prices are a bit different than yours. Mostly, the parts are a bit more expensive, because the manufacturers don't seem to take the change of value from Dollar to Euro too serious. But this config features a GTX 970, an i5-4460 and Win 8.1 for around 800€. 

I think this way is pretty much the only one to pack the above named featured parts into an 800€ budget without actually 'cheaping out' on anything important like the psu or the motherboard. If you still find another way, let me know! I'd like to buy my parts from, because they have the best prices out of every online shop in Germany.

Thank you for helping me! :)


why did you open a second topic?

I would be more easy for you self, and others to keep every build you are looking at central at one topic.

About the build, its basicly fine for gaming ☺

Grtz Angel ☺

That looks great.

I don't see anything bad with it.  Go for it.

as long as you never plan on OC that will do

In other forums they told me to open a new topic for everything but you're right, it's a little bit unpractical :)


Thank you for answering! :)

Looks great !

You're just , at least for me , spending so little on you case / other components , and you have a 300€ gpu .

A good saying is : if you have a 5$ brain , get a 5$ helmet , but your call , if you want a great performer , go for it .