Gaming PC ~800$


I'd like some help in building a decent gaming PC for the games I've missed out on the last few years and the games that will come out in near future.

I've thrown together a build that seems to match my requirements, I supose, but the thing is that it's a bit too costy.

The perfect situation would be around 800$ or a bit less(I'm from Eastern Europe, so the prices don't really match, just around that price)


And I'd like your general opinion on the ram and the motherboard I've picked. And the case as well. What could go together the best with the cpu and gpu I've picked. And is the videocard any good?


Anyway, thanks in advance.

Where exactly are you from because I also live in Eastern Europe (Romania) and I may be able to help you. The prices aren't really the same here, what you get in the USA for 800$ you get here for 1000$ or so.

I'm from Latvia. But the general idea is if there is possibly a build that can be with similar power, slightly less so maybe, but cheaper. shaved some cost off better performance :D

weird enough it is cheaper than the one I picked in USD's, but more expensive in LVL's(my currency).

Anyway, thanks. Maybe some changes I can make with motherboard? And is the ram I've picked the best choice?

This build will give you more power and save you money.

The 7950 gives more performance than the 760, and has more vram

The FX 8350 has 8 cores where the i5 only has 4. Games coming out in the later part of next year will be using 8 cores, so the 8350 is the smarter buy for the long run.

If you have extra money beyond this build, I would consider getting a fractal design core 3000 usb 3.0. Then you will have a well balanced machine that will last you a while, and still doesnt break the bank. You could add an SSD later to install windows on too and that would improve your overall performance and usability then too.

Isn't the FX-8350 built that it uses a power of ~1.6Ghz of each core, though, making it weaker than the intel i-5? That's what i've read about these multiple core CPU's at least(4chan's /g/, I guess, or somewhere else). I'm kinda new to this.


And what's the difference between saphire and gigabyte 7950?

They are different manufactures that have different cooling solutions. I have an asus 7950 directCU II v2 and I overclocked it to the limit of asus gpu tweak and it does not go over 70c at 75% fan speed.

I'd go for a 760 over 660 ti

To answer you question picnic, the i5 has more powerful individual cores, but the any games that can use more than 4 cores will run better on the 8350. Both the i5 and the 8350 overclock very well too, so they both get good performance either way, BUT for future games starting next year, the 8350 is the winner for a long term build.

As far as graphics cards, the 7950 outperforms the gtx 760 and gtx 660 ti. It is also cheaper right now because AMD is getting ready to launch their new line soon.. so it's kind of like a clearance sale getting ready for their new cards. The 760 is a good card, but the 7950 performs better and has more vram.

You really want 3+ gb of vram for a long term build because more and more games will be using HD textures and higher polygon counts which will push past a 2gb limit some time next year. Probably the later part of next year. This is all because the new consoles have more vram and 8 cores to use. The next generation of games that will be for both console and PC will have a lot more resources they can use.