Gaming PC - £600 - Suggestions Please :)

Hey Syndicates,


I have decided to return for a little more advice. I believe I am going to go ahead and build a gaming pc to replace my laptop.

I'd like it to run either an i5 3570k or AMD FX 8350, preferably the 3570k since all the gaming benchmarks seem to be better. I was looking for a GTX 570 or something similar all for around £600 which is a tight budget.

Motherboard must have RAID options, SATA3 USB3 preferably a black board, but thats just for the looks inside the case, so it's not that important.

I'm looking to, in the future, because I do not think my budget will allow this, but RAID 2 or more SSD's together for the C: drive. For the time being, having a single SSD is not necessary as I will update in the future, but I'd still like one if possible.

I'd like the Fractal Design R4 Case so much, but still we're on a tight budget.

I'd also like to buy all the parts from Amazon if possible, other retailers could work too.


Here is my build so far;

i5 3570k 3.4GHz ~ £163.94


Corsair 1866MHz 8-9-8-24 Latency 8GB ~ £47.02]


MSI GTX660 ~ £180.62


ASRock Z77 Pro3 USB3 SATA3 RAID ! Only 2x SATA3 Ports ! ~ £76.00


Cooler Master Silencio ~ £64.75


Corsair 600W 80+ PSU ~ £56.35


Kingston Hyperx 3k 120GB ~ £81.20


[- CURRENT TOTAL PRICE: £669.88 -]



Processor: FX8350 ~ £152.99


Motherboard: ASRock AM3+ ~ £52.40


[- NEW PRICE: £635.33 -]

[- TOTAL SAVING: £34.55 -]



Any Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


if you are striclty gaming... people dont like doing this but if you want to get the most possible frames you need to spend less on the cpu. phenom ii 965 is around 75 less then the i5. put those 75 in the GPU and you could get a 7950. the money you save for buying an amd motherboard instead of an intel buy a cpu cooler and overclock the 965 past 4ghz. 4.5GHz 965 Phenom with a 7950 will get much more frames then an i5 with a 660. get the i5 if you do edditing and stuff.

actually you save £90 for getting the 965 instead of the i5. the 7950 is only £50 more so you save £40 and you gain massive frames plus the £20 from getting an amd motherboard. with those £60 you could get a bigger SSD and/or a cpu cooler to get the 965 past 4GHz.



Well I will let you know I've actually bought the CPU now, and raised my budget to £850.


Current system specs as of today;

Intel Core i5 3570k.

MSI Z77A-G45.

Fractal Design R4.

Samsung SATA DVD RW Drive.


The rest is yet to buy.

I like your build so far, and I disapprove of the idea of going with the 965, if you have the money, go with the intel solution. It's just better. Plain and simple. Bottlenecking your cpu and getting a better gpu screws up equilibrium. You want a balanced system. The gtx 660 isn't a bad card, but I would try my dang hardest to cut down somewhere (maybe the case?) and go for a 670, since their performance is very similar to a 680.

now that he increased his budget yes. on the budget he was on before the 965 suited him better. 965 with a 7950 would have destroyed an i5 with a gtx 660 in games.