Gaming PC 1300$ Budget

Budget below 1200$

I am building a Pc for the 1st time. I'm new to this and would deepy appreciate some help. I would like a PC that can max out games like BF3 or Arma 2 with over 50 fps that is quiet. Gtx 670 or 7970 would be prefered.Sdd and hard drive and a decent looking case with a lot of air flow.

How does this work?

Uhm.. Idk

Haven't really seen good reviews about that mobo.

Another decent one would be the ASRock Extreme4.

how about this?

Give this a smell.

You need a monitor too?

If you don't have an APU, 1333mhz DDR3 RAM will give you more FPS than 2133mhz... Weird or something lol

This is pretty bonkers of a build, and it still has everything you asked for and then some. I was going to include more fans, but fans are expensive. So that MB is designed only for one full PCI-e 3.0 x16 card, although it can run two at full PCI-e 2.0 x16 in Crossfire or SLI. But seeing as how I managed to squeeze a 680 out of the budget, you probably won't need to worry about that until you are looking to start over again with more next-gen parts. This board is a beast for the price. And also, if the lack of side window bothers you, just do what I intend on doing when I buy one, get a drill, a metal boring bit and a jigsaw with a smooth metal cutting blade. And when you're done, take the panel with you to a Home Depot or Lowe's hardware and find a guy who can point you to th plexi, cut it down for you on the table saw and then either loan you a router or shave the edge down the thickness of the metal, that way you can just epoxy it into place. The difficult part with epoxy though is trying to mask everything. The trick is to accept that it is going to squish out of the gaps, which is why you mask a thin gap with some tape all around the joints, the just before it sets you go along like you would with caulking and scrape up any excess epoxy with your gloved finger then you can whisk away the tape and marvel at how smooth everything looks (that was really complicated to type.)

Your build is empty.

This build is $100 over budget unless you live by micro center.

If you do not, swtich the i7 for an i5, if you do not want an i5, switch the board with this and the processor with an 8350.

The psu is dead silent. The gpu can be made silent (if you set the fan speed in afterburner or whatever) or  if you switch to an i5/8350 build you can shell out the extra $40 for a quieter HIS model. The r4 comes with great stock fans, sound dampening foam, routing options, and space for large coolers. The tpc 812 comes with the same fans at the 612 (they are quiet) but can alwas be swapped for some gentle typhoons or sp 120s (if you find them loud).

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