Gaming PC - 1000$ (~60,000 INR) or Less (Preferably less)

Read through a lot of threads. Searched a lot on net. And so I am not going to ask a question in which you chose between options. Here is the config I came up with:

GPU - AMD R9 280x 3Gb (
CPU - AMD FX-6300 (
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8 Gb (4Gb x 2) (
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A (

Now, I am a total newbie when it comes to building PC from scratch. Are the above components compatible with each other?
Also, please reply with what else do I need and the brands/model number I should be looking for? (Optical Drive, PSU, HDD, Cooler etc.)
Would be helpful if the suggested items are available and in stock on these sites as I am from India:

Also, in case there are any other better (but not expensive) alternatives to above mentioned configs please feel free to reply. I am not an AMD or an Intel fan. It's just AMD is much cheaper at least here in India.

Most important factor for me here is:-
Be able to play Assassins Creed: Black Flag (AC4) at highest settings on a HDTV (1920x1080) without any lags.


Extras/Not Important Stuff:
I had also shortlisted following config options but picked (and mentioned) the ones with VFM-
GPU - Nvidia GTX 760
CPU - Intel i5 4670k
Motherboard - MSI 970A-G46

Ok, here is me with more information.
I am looking for "High-end" gaming. Basically the PC should be able to run Assassins Creed: Black Flag (AC4) on Very High Settings (Maxed out) on a HD TV (1920x1080). But due to budget constraints, I am ready to settle for High settings (One step lower) but not below than that as I need it future proofed for at least 2-3 years.

Here's the spec I have thought of till now:

  • CPU - AMD FX 6300 (Will try to overclock it, however got no idea on how to do that)
  • GPU - Radeon R9 280x OC (Looking for brands like Asus or Sapphire, whichever is cheaper)
  • MoBo - Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 (Will this support Crossfire i.e. second GPU? Also, will it support FX 8350 CPU in case I upgrade CPU later)
  • PSU - 750W (Should be good enough, even if I decide to use 2 GPUs some day. Please do suggest a good but cheap brand)
  • RAM - 8Gb [4Gbx2] (I am thinking of Corsar Vengeance RAM, they are good but a bit expensive. Any other cheaper recommendations?)
  • Case - (I am thinking on Corsair Carbide 200R, but other recommendations are welcome)
  • HDD - Western Digital Blue 1TB
  • Optical Drive - (Again, need a DVD RW drive, good but cheap, please suggest)

Optional components (Good to have):

  • Cooling System - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (Might need it as I'll mostly overclock)
  • SSD - 128Gb (Not really needed, but still, as it will load Windows and Games faster, so cheap recommendation is welcome here as well. Kingston SSDNOW UV100 seem to be cheap and reliable)