Gaming Passthrough Build Questions

Just an odd question that I can’t seem to find an answer for.

Can anyone here suggest a solid Ryzen board with on-board video? I’d like to leave the on-board portion alone for the Linux distro, and keep the GPU card for Windows / Steam gaming. Am I approaching this correctly? Should I just bite the bullet and get a mediocre video card for the Linux side?

There are no desktop Ryzen chips with integrated graphics right now

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If you’re looking for a board, that shouldn’t be an issue since outside a few exceptions all boards (currently 74 out of 84 boards listed) have video output.
But as pFtpr said there are currently no Ryzen APUs for the desktop, so you can’t actually utilise the video output (yet). You’d have to wait for the APUs to launch.

And yes, bite the bullet if you want to go passthrough.


Right on guys, I appreciate the help. I didn’t realize the on-board video support was dependent on the chip. I’ll find a good stand in gpu card to use. :smiley: