Gaming, on my Tesla, more likely than you think

He’ll have to flash the grid k2 which I didn’t know you could do, with out that, it’s a lower driver version

I wasnt sure if you could flash the k2 but you can just flash the equivilant tesla i dont know why youd buy the k2 though when you can get the k20x or k40 for the same or less and are faster and do just work or can just buy a
290x or 980 unless you need the vram but even then amds got 290x workstation cards pretty cheap now with 12 and 16gb of vram

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Well, I bought a K2 because it was 45 bucks.

I took a little break (while I worked this week)

But I might try to download a win11 image and see how that works for me.

Even after doing the registry hacks, my my K2 does not show up in the performance settings in windows.

If I had a working AMD card, I could solve this, but I blew both of mine, so that idea is out for now.

I might buy a cheap AMD card just to make it work, but I think I might try a couple reinstalls first.

Because by that point I will have spent 100$ and for that, I could by a low end newer card…

I guess I should have known that buying a 8000 dollar workstation video accelerator would be more work than I was prepared for. LOL.

For the moment, the GTX 645 performs better than I would expect for a 1GB card and is carrying me.
But it would be cool to get the K2 to work like normal.

I will keep y’all updated.


guys i have a question,

i have a tesla k20x, am i the only one who gain like 1 fps more by putting the memory clock to 3100?
at moment im using 980mhz for the core and 2750mhz for the memory.
Seems strange, +500/350mhz on memory should be at least 3-5 fps boost.

The higher your memory clock goes the looser the timings will be

They automatically get looser the higher the memory clock is, so only go like 25-60 higher

Howdy, currently having here a Tesla K20m and a Quadro K620 running on driver version 473.81, both GPUs are recognized but the Tesla is stuck at TCC mode no matter what I try, including using nvidia-smi.

Here’s my specs if anyone wants to check in:
Windows 20H2 build 19042.1889
ASRock X370 Killer SLI
Ryzen 5 1600
Tesla K20m + Quadro K620

Haven’t tried changing the clock speeds yet, but if there’s any ideas on how I can change modes for the Tesla, I appreciate it.

hey guys, do you know if a tesla k40 would work with a quadro p620 for output? im using a X79 board, it does have above 4g decoding enabled.

You need to abandon x79 if you ever hope to get that to work
Other than the x79 that Quadro will work with that Tesla you’ll just need to limit the driver version to support both cards

alright thanks! which driver do i download? both of them ?


is there a certain order i should do it or just anytime.

I think the Tesla first then the quadro

alright, should i install the tesla in the first slot, quadro in the second and then install them?

uh well, i tried this and i installed the drivers, my computer wont boot anymore. it turns on, and the screen just stays black, the code on my mb is 62

472.12 is the one ive persoanlly used and supports kepler to amper and works on the tesla nativley and its got support baked in for tesla quadro and geforce just in that diver

Dark havent you asked us abiut x79 before?