Gaming, on my Tesla, more likely than you think

Hi, first what OS are you using? Also when using DDU in safe mode did you go to options to make sure there is a check mark by "prevent downloads of drivers from “windows update”?

windows 11 and yes about ddu i did notice in the registry there is a new entry that wasnt there with previous drivers R535_4181821 and if i delete it. then its back to freezing etc…

This is what my Registy looks like , I’m using driver 537.13. That looks to belong there as is. edit: I’m also on W11.

This is my display out card folder setthings in registy.

hmm well I am going to try this card in a different pc bc thats pretty much the only thing left to try.
BTW on the modding bios front I found some interesting commands related to clocks and falcon buried in an engineering release that I think might help.

That sounds interesting about the engineering release.

There could be one other thing to check in NCP, make sure ECC is disabled.

Edit3: Everything else looks like below? BTW I should have said I’m on W11 Pro .
I’m using the Quadro driver: 537.13-quadro-rtx-desktop-notebook-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql

I’ve had ECC enabled pretty much the whole time I’ve had the P40. When I updated to 537.13 I also disabled ECC. Benchmarks ran fine and got a slightly higher score as expected, but Starfield or BG3 did not launch. So I now have ECC enabled again and the games run fine. Have you tried with ECC enabled?

Hi, I do not have either of those games so I can’t say one way or the other if they would work for me. I looked at downloading both but not willing to buy just for a test. lol

Very new here… been lurking.
For the GAL.
For mixed usage, including plex transcoding and vGPU gaming via moonlight, would you guys recommend an M40 or P40?

Encoding info

A titan Xp clocked at 1950mhz performs about as well as a 3060, that said, a p40 which is the same chip, probably will not go much farther than 1500mhz unless you can get it to overclock

By TPU the Xp should be about 15% faster than the 3060 12GB.
I know my Titan X Pascal runs just a tad better 5% than my P100, 3060 and 6% P40 doing Cuda F@H. At boost clock, no OC 1809Mhz core.

Edit2: P40 clocks under load of CUDA.