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Gaming on Linux (updated 8/2018) | Level One Techs


It is a modified KDE desktop on kubuntu 18.04.


Looks like we have another casualty of developer neglect. War Thunder is no longer in a playable state on Linux, because the dev team ignores all Linux related issues.

That’s not the only one though, many devs when Proton was released canceled their native Linux versions because “Proton eases the burden.” Unfortunately, people without the technical resources will be more than happy to pull the plug on a Linux version if Proton is better and means less work for the actual dev, creating compatibility pains that devs think is the responsibility of Valve, but then it’s actually the dev’s responsibility and it just goes into a vicious cycle.

All pulling the plug or not supporting it does is create that negative impression that “It still isn’t as good as Windows.” And with War Thunder, that is STRONGLY apparent.

We are at an impasse with developer resources to support the platform when a PR move to give people a Linux version is always good PR, but a very small minority are committed to supporting it.


With the new Epic launcher it might even get worse. Supergiant Games’ new title Hades is in early access over there but of course there isn’t a linux version because of that. With all their games having a native linux version up to this point, I am worried that we might have lost a REALLY amazing studio. Just yesterday I’ve sent them a question about that but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

I have no idea about the Discord launcher, is anyone releasing on that?


Discord seems to be “in the works” of Linux support. But none will have the Proton integration that Steam has. Most recent Proton Beta fixed XAudio related issues. A Hat in Time no longer has messed up audio.

But because War Thunder decided to give up on Linux, I have to get a PS4 Pro to avoid using Windows to play that game.


Well, I warned the official War Thunder subreddit linking back to the thread I made on r/linux_gaming and what was the response?

“just download windows”

Rabid fanboyism and uneducated responses are still VERY apparent talking to any gaming community. It’s only those with somewhat better IQ than a average Fortnite kid that know there is a future in Linux Gaming, rather than replying:

“Why would you ever pick linux? Jesus mate get an actual OS.” (ACTUAL RESPONSE I GOT)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to bang my head on my wall.


@Furryjackman Don’t get upset by 7y-olds(9y that are becoming 11y olds) as per in pewdiepie viewerstype. The future of gaming on linux is actually happening, I am on arch (#fanboism) for more than a year and there was no actuall need for me to switch to windows for gaming purposes tho i switched once to create 1 drawing in autdesk inventor. And I’m actually playing all “real” blizard games and esport titles, some AAA games like Tomb rider and such. The Wine is getting close to the perfection, even on old cpu I had good results. Recently I bought Xeon-1240v3 and MSI-Z97-Gaming3 and now i feel that I’ll delete my win10 install to make more space on ssd. #headbang not happening here. #fortniteh8er here Keepo


I don’t disagree there’s a future in Linux gaming, but many developers are skirting responsibility once the PR hype of pleasing Linux fans wears off. This is becoming pretty apparent with many different games that have pulled Linux support or has non-existent Linux support with no bugfixes.


Here is what I sent to Supergiant Games:

Hi, I really like your games and so far I have bought them all on steam. I do understand that Epic is probably the better deal for you business wise but where does that leave us TUX-people? Is Hades coming to linux in any way?

And the answer:


Thanks for your interest in Hades !

We’ve never launched a game into Early Access before, and our players have come to expect complete, self-contained games from us ever since Bastion ’s debut in 2011. With Hades , we knew we really wanted to create a game we could develop in partnership with the community, and from talking to the folks at Epic, we realized their store would be the perfect place to conduct our latest experiment.

Our focus during Early Access will be on making Hades the best game possible. If you’re the sort of player who’s open to and interested in experiencing a game like ours take shape over time, you’ll be able to take part in its journey on the Epic Games store. If you’d prefer to wait until the game is 100% complete, we expect Hades will eventually be available on a variety of platforms, once Early Access is complete.

Thanks again for your support,
Supergiant Games

For a yes or no question that answer is way too long. This definitely isn’t a yes.
In a best case scenario it reads like a “we don’t know yet”.


At the very least with Steam Proton it apparently lists you as a Linux user if you play the game for longer than a certain amount on linux. Hopefully that will expose and report a more correct number of gamers using linux and stop the problem of it reporting you as a windows player.

Hopefully the numbers will be large enough for more developers to start considering linux more actively.