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…But… most people that use VFIO use Arch… and are probably able to do the patches.


They may also use Fedora or an Ubuntu/Debian derivative. There are no numbers that I know for how many users with VFIO use what distro.
Although, it still stands, anybody should be able to have perfect VFIO audio, one way or another, more so now that @wendell is doing a guide for Ubuntu.


According to this, most people using VFIO run Arch. Only 10% is Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora combined.


Fair point. Though I’m not sure how much I believe that post. I also participated in the study, I also asked a question on the original study post because I have 43 IOMMU groups:

and my system is not in the survey results
(X99-E WS on Ubuntu derivative with GTX 970).
The results are surely skewed though I don’t know how much (71 out of 133 in favor of Arch is huge any way you put it) or if they are skewed because users of other distros didn’t know how to answer to some of the questions correctly.
Anyway it would still be nice if the patches to qemu come upstream or if the GStreamer thing happens. The qemu 3.0 release is just around the corner
and I’m not sure the reddit user will maintain the out of tree patch forever to have audio working.


Though all the guides from Wendell are Fedora and Ubuntu, so it’s understandable if newbs follow them, and then they get Audio issues and get frustrated :wink:
Many people using arch might be true, but those are the people that already did it before Wendell’s guides existed.


I have a micro atx board that will support one dual gpu slot and one single.

Now I want windows to run on the dual gpu in the first slot
And Linux in the second slot single gpu

Linux will be main os with windows being a vm

Will Linux use the second gpu or does it require first slot?


Depends on the board.
Generally it is possible, though it’s a little more complicated because usually the first slot is initialised first, unless you can select it in the UEFI.

There’s some videos/articles about it, couldn’t tell you how exactly it works though :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be great to have the step-by-step video for getting up and running with Looking Glass. The forum is great but there is no cohesive instruction for this.


I am keen to give this a go but wondering how I will go using an M.2 SSD given that I think using two GPUs on my mobo bottlenecks the M.2 lanes. Has anyone tried the above with an M.2 SSD and had any luck?


I’ve found that a different Wine Staging branch with additional patches called wine-esync-staging with PBA patches seems to getting more popular among Arch users, but likely won’t be upstreamed.

If you care to tackle Arch again @wendell, wine-esync-staging with PBA patches and Steam patches and DXVK might be worth looking into.


Isn’t esync a wine development thing? Like a feature coming from the wine devs themselves. I remember reading about that in some of the other wine related threads… Maybe I was misreading that though.


It’s a patch that isn’t ready to be upstreamed, but then a ton of people building from git apply this patch.

Don’t expect this to be stable anytime soon, but it is fun to play with if you can build it.

Wine’s in a weird state that to work with modern software, it needs new patches that take time to go through the Wine bureaucracy, (esync, pba and steam.patch) but once submitted, can be applied on top of git if you manually build it.


“Deprecated” does not mean “not present”…


Can get Overwatch to start via DXVK , Lutris and Stable Padoka PPA but GPU driver freezes, this is a known issue and fixed in latest mesa/LLVM in Unstable Padoka PPA.
I’ve tried running Unstable Padoka PPA but this breaks things often, Xorg or desktop manager not starting.
Using RX 56 and Ubuntu 18.04.1 at time of writing.
Natural Selection 2 which has a Linux native version works fine though :slight_smile:


Why is this thread not on the Level1techs “Wiki & How-to Guides”?

Please delete my post if it is irrelevant, or if you move this thread to the Wiki/Guides.


Hmmm, seems that could be the reason my arch install can’t see the steam store in my wine version of steam. This has been for months though.

Just mark your nic as an E1000 and your CPU as a $10000 xeon and I think they’ll get the message. Not to mention I feel like the ability to make games on linux and the complete destruction of the consumer version of windows (seriously, wtf no I don’t want to update. yeah, no shit my audio is broken.) and the highly likely subscription model windows will imploy would really help out.

Maybe it’s different for Vega, but after the 4.17 kernel it’s been relatively smooth sailing. At this point I think it’s safe to say amdgpu drivers are based and god(s) bless the people working on it. Too bad AMD isn’t coming out with a decent consumer GPU for the next 2 years. (How is Sapphire Ed going to get paid to go to lan parties and give hot tips?)

If you have sources for that I would love to read about that. I would love to have more ammo to tell my non techie friends about how windows is still fucking us over.

What? a weeks time with a contracted dev? Almost everything is already in wine or some such thing. If they already have opengl support it’s easier, and if they use DS12/vulcan does’t it become easier then? I imagine that it’s just devs not knowing any better. Like how people gawk and are amazed when they’ve only ever administered their environment with RDP because windows and you show them SSH.

This video was made 4 fucking years ago and details how easy it is to get linux support on games THEN. I MEAN REALLY DUDE!

And by the time I’m finished with monster hunter world this game will be out.

I can empathize on that one. Maybe we can hope Windows 10 S really takes off and people get really tired of their shit.

That is a fantastic note there. Especially from Id.

I think you mean advertisement. the only reason people use windows and are comfortable with it is because you can go to walmart and get a machine with windows on it. I work on windows machines primarily now and I honestly don’t understand how people think it’s okay that you need 3rd party software for server updates on windows 10. It boggles my fucking mind. (I’m not fucking around, I worked with a client about how they couldn’t see any updates and the way to fix it was to have it have a service start to handle the updates)

Afaik as long as you have gpu passthrough configured it will work. doesn’t mean your 750ti is going to be a 1070 any time soon. I’m a basic bitch though so I’m waiting till I can afford a 1000 series card after they get cheaper from used sales. I refuse t give money to Nvidia ( I also bought my Vega 64 used so I guess middle fingers to AMD? I’m sorry I love you thank you for amdgpu)

This was my problem with neir: automata. AOE 2 was fine (just don’t alt tab)

I would be surprised if fedora users weren’t using VFIO as much as arch users. We’re just asspies with control issues.

I stand corrected.

I stand corrected again?

Just tell them to hit me up. I’ll get them running in no time. 99% of the time “DID YOU UNMUTE ALSA?!”

Off the top of my head you likely have an intel GPU with integrated graphics so you coudl use that to get everything configured, after that i;d be smooth sailing.

This is a promise, when I’m ready to do so (probably when the 2000/1100 series drops) I will make a video and even stream my entire process (expect 24+ hours of footage. I’m not smart, and I’ll use kdenlive to do it)

Not optimal but you could use it in sata mode. Typically the Sata connections are already given enough PCI-e lanes to saturate your sata connections, but I could be wrong on that. I would really like to not bottleneck my storage but if it means running software how I want then I’d be inclined to suffer with my 6 GBp/s

I think that kinda goes against what Wendell is trying to do here. Making Linux and tech in general more accessible to the masses. Arch is different from even the majority of linux distros and really isn’t that friendly to anyone that doesn’t want to spend time in the arch wiki (but my god how much I love the arch wiki)

I’ve reached dependency hell using both repos at once.

??? OP is someone on Wendell’s account, or wendell lol. he can do what he wants.


What kernel? I am on stable padoka ppa and all is well. 4.18.1


It will be in a few more days. This is just the auto post that goes with the feed from YouTube.


4.18.1, I saw the ppa was just updated 9h ago, will give it another go


GPU froze shortly starting after AI match, took a photo of dxvk hud:

Changed DXVK to 0.70 with same result, used training this time as I appeared throttled in vs AI.
So it’s not DXVK… mentions creating a hang report but not sure how to do this when using Lutris.