Gaming on linux through Lutris

Hi everyone, i feel like i need share my recent exprerience installing games that are not native to linux.
Although that is propably a subject much discussed.

I have been a linux user for about 6 months and although i used to play a lot of league of legends when i installed linux i didnt try setting it up. However after 6 months of not gaming and with the start of the new season lately i have been craving to play a game or two after a hard days work. So yesterday i started researching about the proccess of installing games on linux. We all know it i assume, install wine tinker arround etc etc. The reason i hadnt tried doing that so far was because i couldnt be bothered to be honest.But yesterday i came across this new open source gaming platform. And Oh my god, i am already running League, i played my first game after downloading it and there was no problem whatsoever. I am very excited because litterally all i had to do was download wine, Lutris and league (through Lutris) and i was good to go. Honestly the process was so smooth. So i want to give a shoutout to anyone having problems installing a game to try out Lutris. I think that gaming in linux has never been so easy, litteraly point and click.

Maybe this post ought to be an the gaming thread?? not sure i tried putting it on both

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Playonlinux is great too. And wine 3.2 has been working really well for me. I have noticed it hanging up sometimes when playing dx11 games, but overall it is not bad at all.

Well, welcome to my world lol. Nothing really stopping you from doing what you want when you want how you want in linux other than yourself.

Wine-Staging has been picked up again too. Joy. But it will still be a while until it moves to the Wine 3.x branch.
Never heard of Lutris before. May check it out this weekend.

lutris is pretty good as a steam alternative too. you can show all your games even the linux native ones.