Gaming on iPhone/iPad

I’ve started toying with Mech Arena on iPhone. The controls are touch based on the screen and while it’s decent, I’d prefer actual joysticks for better control I hope. Also, one of my favorite games from last year, Gunfire Reborn, is coming out with a mobile version this year and that would not be easy with touch controls.

What do ya’ll recommend for controllers? Bluetooth Xbox controllers(will that work for touch based controls?), one of those little doohicky’s that the phone sits in and has controls on the side like a Switch?

This. Probably an 8bitdo or the steelseries controller.

From my experience, Apple locked the Bluetooth controllers down around iOS 13.4. PS4/PS5/Xbone Bluetooth or Series controllers and Razer Kishi are compatible with iOS/iPadOS 14.5+ as far as the ability to use the controller will depend on the app itself. There are controllers that physically touch the screen but I have never used those myself.

I was looking at this as well since I also have Games Pass which allows me to cloud stream to my iPhone

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Any thoughts out here?