Gaming on a windows touch screen?

just wondering those who own a windows device that is touch screen, may it be a surface or laptop have you tried gaming on it?

games such as torchlight, old warhammer games from gog, older command and conquer titles or even some Diablo ?

Reason Im asking is I have nerve damage so using a mouse to play ‘click and point’ games gets very painfull for me, how ever touch screen devices I can use with no pain.

I was looking at the surface go or something similar since the games I want to play can be played on on a old windows 7 netbook.

*I want something portable as I do 7hr ferry journeys from Orkney to Aberdeen frequently

*I have a steam controller but find some games a bit weird and dont always work correctly

if you get your hands on a touch laptop with a dedicated gpu nvida 1060 or amd 470 or better you will do fine in most games at 1080p.

I tried playing minecraft on a touchscreen laptop and every time I touched the screen it made the camera look straight up

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Same experience when using a Wacom Tablet here.

I asked a friend who has a surface touch device and she’s willing to try it out on a few games. so she’s going to let me know when she can. Does keyboard, pen, wacom tablet, anything like this go or do you prefer to use touch only?

Otherwise, this looks like a great idea for a software product. Designing an overlay that looks something like those on some mobile games and translate commands so the game would understand them as mouse clicks or keyboard commands…

Edit to add: There is some advancement in this sector with what microsoft is doing with their new adaptive controller, but that’s hardly portable. I’m looking forward to dev studios embracing such mechanics.

Oh thats great, sadly with me its just touch screen or controller , iv got software to convert a controller to a mouse input but it doesn’t feel natural.

Sorry for the late response

Don’t worry about it.
Have you tried an xbox controller? How does that feel?

Iv got an xbox one controller and even the steam controller, iv used steams profiles for the steam controller and iv got controller companion to use the xbox controller with keyboard and mouse games.

sadly they are both miss with games like torchlight and dawn of war

I’ve only used a touch screen to play very simple games like Blizzards Hearthstone. I feel like the touchscreen shines for games where touch can improve the quality of life in the game, so something like table top games transitioned to digital for whatever reason, or card games such as previously mentioned hearthstone or solitaire.