Gaming on a projector?

I was looking for a screen for my gaming needs since my TV started acting weird, it pretty old now, so it's time for a change anyway. As i was looking for what to buy, i saw looking for bigger and bigger screens, and than the wild idea struck me... why not buy a projector instead? I started reading up on this topic, but i'm still pretty unsure about it. which projector to buy, would i like it at all, or maybe a 50" TV would be better, but than again a 100"+ screen sounds so compelling. 

So i'm curious what you guys think about it!


I was thinking that at first I just buy something cheaper, just to experience how is it ( something under 800$, like Optama H180x or ACER H5380BD), i really want to try 3D with these, since i heard that it's really good with DLP projectors. I don't really want to spend extra on a 1080p projector since 3D only works at 720p with those too (damned HDMI...) and i was gaming mostly in 720p for the last few years, so i don't think that would be a problem for me.

I'm open to any recommendations!

I have an Optoma TX542-3d (cause i got it real cheap) and personally i really like it. now i play on my PC and sometimes when i just want to relax and i will lay in bed with the thing projecting on the ceiling. as for the 3D I've never used it because they require some special glasses. They do get hot after a while so make sure that you have proper ventilation. they are smaller than a TV, easier to move, you can get a bigger viewing area for less, and they work really well if you want to have movie night with some friends or an SO. you will need some speakers since the sound they produuce is kind of pitiful. I just use some regular computer speakers, and they work great. The lamps last a pretty long time, but when do go out they can get kind of expsensive. 

I say go for it, when i bought mine i  had some doubts, but looking back now i don't regret it cause i use it for a lot of different things.

If you do it for long time probably the projector is going to die soon

Yeah you should check bulb life and price for the bulb for the projector. That can really change the over all price of a projector.

Yeah, the bulb and life are very important.  My first projector's bulb died at about 1000 hours.  The cost of the bulb was about 450$.  I just bought a new projector instead.  The cost of a projector is continous and you have to arrange your room around the projector.  Lights and position have great impact on how it looks.  It was amazing though.  

i would only use it once in a while, i think that 1000 would take me at least 2 years.

I'm still looking for the ideal projector, i can't really decide what to buy.

I would only recommend a projector if you have a dedicated room for it. If you have the money go for a well reviewed DLP projector. They are more expensive than lasers but have way better image quality. 

Don't forget that you will need a dedicated audio system as well. Honestly dont buy a projector under 1000. Add the expenses of installation and decent Audio and you would be looking at about 2000. You can get a decent 60 inch TV for the same price. 

The main benefit of a projector is the size when you're watching movies. For gaming a projector usually doesnt have the latency and refresh rate. (most are 24hz or 30hz as this is the standard for movies.

+1, DLP is almost ideal for gaming, fast, flawless image. These things outperform flatpanel monitors on almost all accounts. Projector bulbs are expensive though, and some projectors have loud cooling, so look around and try before buying.

Nah it is all about LCOS projectors they are only $10k on the low end but on the plus side bulb life is not an issue.

I had a chance to game a 1080p projector with about a 100" screen. It was alright, For me 1080p loses its picture quality after 32" for gaming and PC use.

It was also the first time I got motion sickness in my life. 

But if I was going to game on a projector I would look into the 1080p LED projectors. They usually run cooler and the LEDs last longer than a typical bulb projector. 

Used to play NFSU on projector with two bean bag chairs and pedals and steering wheels ..l. it was fun ... burned a lot of bulbs ... I have no idea what todays games would look and perform like.

I just ordered a set of bean bag couches :D

I was thinking to buy a cheap 720p 3d projector, just to see if i like the experience. also at 720p they support 120hz input.  I don't want to buy anything expensive util projectors with displayport/HDMI 2.0 come out to support [email protected], so i don't loose too much if a i don't like it and opt for a large TV instead.

I have a whole room dedicated for this, with a 6meter length, so sort throw is not needed here, i'm planning on buying a screen with a width of 264cm.

I don't really see any expenses with it other then the projector and the screen, i have an audio system, and i've been looking at a 120" screen with tripod stand ( it costs 150$)

was thinking of getting a projector, for films. i would need to get a screen though. need to see what the prices are like where i am.

A quality screen for a projector can be quite expensive. Pointing a nice 1080p projector at a white wall will not do it justice, might as well buy a cheapo off ebay. There is also many other issues that go along with projectors that cost money. Just go to Walmart and by a 55" - 60" LED TV for $800 - $1000.  

The other problem is that 1920x1080 (1080p) is not that high of a resolution, its just much better than what we had a short time before. Stretching 1080p to even 72" leaves your PPI (Pixels Per Inch) at 30 PPI. That's about the same PPI as a old RCA 27" TV.


Yeah, but for movies you're going to be sitting quite far from the projected image. Maybe even for games so 1080p or maybe even lower res would work if you are far enough from the image.

Check out

Then ya might as well have a smaller screen and just sit closer same difference. Ya know unless your viewing room is huge and you have to sit across the room to see it. Most gamers that want to play on projectors want a 10 foot screen and sit 5 feet from it.....LOL

haha.. that's true... gamers cannot bend the laws of physics and biology, but that won't stop them from trying!

the benefit for a larger screen and sitting farther away to compensate for resolution is you can have more people sitting together. that's why it's great for films, but maybe not so much for the ultimate visual experience while gaming.