Gaming on 2 monitors

So i was just wondering how might i project a game for example battlefield 3 onto 2 monitors, could someone please give me step by step instructions (I use a nivida graphics card) 

thanks for reading :)

Do you want the same image on both monitors? If so, that's an option in the monitor setup thingy in control panel. Just set it to clone.

I believe that you need an sli configuration with each monitor on each card. atleast that is how mine works.

Nah you can run multiple monitors on a single GPU but I dunno how :P

I hope you're not going to use Nvidia Surround for this, because you're going to have some big old bezels in the middle of your crosshairs.

2 monitors doesn't work for gaming like at all.

Yeah ^ two monitors is not good for gaming. Your crosshairs will be split by the borders of your monitors. 

You use nvidia surround to make them both behave as a single monitor but surround is crap compared to eyefinity and it may not work even with the same monitors if you got them at different time as the slight variations even in batches has potential to throw it off.

The only game I know of where dual monitors is an advantage is Supreme Commander.

If you're using HDMI output, you totally could use a powered hdmi splitter to just clone the output. This is the same thing I use to clone my output from gaming PC to capture it with my Aver Media capture card on my second PC.

aww ok then its just i got this gtx 670 with 4gb of vram and i wanted to utilize that extra vram thanks for the input though