Gaming mouse?

I'm looking for a good gaming mouse for under $40 to replace a wireless mouse that I have (this thing: though I'm not sure if I really need one. I play Battlefield 4 a lot and I feel like my bullets go all over the place except on the guy and the gun doesn't move fast enough. Though I don't know if it's just me. Someone convince me that the switch is worth the money.

I'm looking at this particular Anker mouse; it looks pretty good for the price.

If you want wireless look at the Logitech g602 otherwise the Logitech g400 and the razer deathadder are good choices for FPS games also the steelseries sensei and CM storm spawn that kind of covers all the shapes of mice and ones I would reccomend

I was just looking at the CM Storm Spawn. It looks like a great mouse, just one thing...

I have a palm-grip on my mouse. That mouse is designed for claw. Will that be too much for my fingers or will I adapt OK?

This is the mouse I use. I've had it for around a month now and it's doing fantastic. What I like most is the ergonomic grip along with the two side buttons which tend to be very useful for me in shooters. It also has a small red button off the side of the left click which double clicks. It's less than fifteen dollars and pretty sweet.

I decided to up the price and got me the G500s. Thanks for all the advice though!