Gaming Mouse

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a gaming mouse. As cheap as possible that has the following feature set:


Heavy/adjust able weights (so i can put all of them in :P)

Sniper button that i can rebind to melee as i dont care for sniper buttons myself

Good for palm/ claw grip


Don't need MMO buttons

decent tracking on microfibre mousepads

*edit* Would prefer red lighting options or adjustable to get red or none at all to tie in with my build :D


I would be very grateful for any reccomendations you have. Right now, I'm looking at the Corsair M60 but I'd like to consider other options as well. 

Thanks in advance!



Sharkoon Fireglider black is what I use and has all the things you want including being cheap, but very well build.

I looked up some reviews and there's nothing but people complaining about the build quality of the sharkoon fireglider. How is yours holding up?

no problems, it very strudy and comffortable, it replace my logitec mx518 which was a good mouse and I safely this also a good mouse.

awesome. I'll add it to my list of comparison. Anyone got any other suggestions?