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I can see that lol, I don’t really like mice with a lot of buttons, it kinda bothers me. I like somewhere between a lot and few. so like 2-4 thumb buttons and 0-2 extra buttons on the top is around what I’d like.

Yep, I bought another DeathAdder in hopes that my first experience was just one of the few bad ones. But I plan on getting another one for traveling with some time from now, as well as getting the razer mamba hyperflux cus that one seems almost perfect, but it is expensive lol.


Not exactly the same but I absolutely love this mouse. When the first one I had of this started to died (after six years of heavy use) I bought another.
Edit: RIP you already ordered a new one… Regardless This mouse is still great.


Gonna have to agree with @novasty. G502…Seriously good mouse for how cheap it is and is a worthy successor to the G500 which was a legend born of the mx510. I dont personally use one but my wife has one and its a damn good mouse. I still use my 2 G500s because its what I prefer at work and on the go.

On my home gaming machine I use the G900. If you can afford the G900 or its newer brother the G903 they are fantastic. They are a little small on me but I have big hands. Its not too cramped though and the lighter weight makes up for it.

I havent used the rival 600 that @aLilBabyOtter linked but it looks very similar to the G502 and thats enough for me to think that its probably a solid choice.

I have used many different mice and brands but ultimately I end up sticking with logitech because they make what makes the most sense to me.


@The.Hipster.Lemon Same and same and same for Edit

Mine started to doubleclick after 2 years instead of that usual 6 months, so its 4x sturdier than any competition
My original purchase was because I was so fed up buying these Razers and Steelseries because clickers just die on me, and everytime I did open one dead mouse the board seemed identical, SO, I did find any mouse which clearly has different layout, M65


My right click simply stopped responding 65% of the time which led to a lot of CS:GO deaths and a fair bit of disgruntled desktop use. Mine lasted 6 years though! Such a good mouse and I love the shape and hand feel.


I found it too thin, like holding a banana, like I said before, Joel should measure their hand and use that rocket jump ninja website to determain a mouse shape, then look at other mice with the same size and or shape


Mouse shape is preferrential and not something I would rely on measurements for. More important is the way you hold the mouse. Im assuming your talking about the g502 which is actually a bit wider than the death adder he was using.


Have you tried dismantling the switch and re-conditioning the contact spring? It had worked for me for the very same problem (double click). I can help you get the details of how-to.


…if anyone has had the problem of a middle-mouse button not working, the fix is often saturating the switch with an anti corrosion substance. What often happens is that the contact becomes corroded and no longer bridges the signal. I have used WD-40 to regain functionality on two of my mice (G603 and a Func MS-2). Both buttons now work like the day they were first bought. I just folded a paper towel up and cut out a square the size of the switch. I placed the paper towel over the switch and then I carefully sprayed the switch until I felt it would saturated the contacts.


Nope, just touchy feeled the switch and eventually I may have gripped the buttons towards ceiling and yell some fuckeries :smiley:



I see you can poke it open from the holes, had not thought that before your earlier reply

Next time :balloon:


Great point here


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