Gaming mouse

So I’m looking for a mouse similar to the razer death adder in that it has the same kind of buttons in the same position, it can have more buttons as long as they don’t get in the way of the layout that I like, the 2 buttons on the side (one in front, one in the back on the side). I’d prefer wireless but it is not a necessity, I do not want another razer mouse preferably, and I’d like it to be as ergonomic and lightweight as possible, also flashy. lol

But yeah the reason I want to change from my current mouse (Razer DeathAdder) to another is because it has always jumped to the far right side of the screen when I ping in league for whatever reason, and recently has been jumping all over the place and kinda stops and goes like the sensor is fucked or something. Also, the front side button has broken one of the times when I moved it between a friend’s house and mine.

TLDR: So I want a mouse that keeps all of the qualities of the death adder that I like (ergonomic, lightweight, button layout, flashy) and doesn’t have the bad qualities of the death adder (jumps around, stops and goes, wired, slightly fewer buttons than I want; I want a few more buttons)

If I wasn’t addicted to my Naga, I would use Steelseries. I have the Rival 310 and I love it, but my hand cramps up really easily. The Naga helps to spread everything out.


TBH I’d love to get another death adder or maybe a mamba, but the bad experience with the mouse jumping around lately makes me not want to do so. I have had it for like 2 and a half years, but my friend has had his for like 6 or 7 years and it is still running strong, so IDK if mine was just not as quality as his for whatever reason or what.

Really the only things I know about Razer is that their headsets are bad and the death adder is supposed to be good and is really popular, same with the Naga but less so. Maybe their mice are pretty good and I was just one of those few who had a bad experience. My mouse was pretty much perfect in every aspect until recently except for the fact that whenever I tried to ping in league of legends the mouse would jump to the right side of the screen it did that since day 1.

My mouse is the Roccat Tyon, I like it quite a lot. The number of buttons and button placement is great. It might be a bit heavier than the deathadder, and it is still corded, but I thought I would throw it out there anyway. Roccat has other mice too, and one of them may be worth looking at closer.

That’s probably accurate. The DA has been extremely popular since as long as I can remember.

It also has a pretty unique shape, so if you want a DA, I’d say go with another DA.

If you decide you don’t want to go with Razer, the ROG Gladius, Cougar Revenger, and Corsair Glaive are a similar shape.

Logitech G502 Mouse, mine has survived being desk slammed from League of Legends raging on many occasions. By desk slamming, I mean lifting it up and slamming against the desk hard enough to be heard in the other room… This was on a mouse mat, the thick Razer Goliathus mouse mat.

I still use that mouse to this day, I stopped playing LoL mainstream since Season 6 ended.

It aint lightweight though, it was actually heavier… I liked its weight because it was similar to the pre-2013 deathadder. The Green one was so lightweight I hated the death adder from then onwards. If you have ever used a Deathadder that was made before 2013, then it is similar to that, can be heavier due to adjustable weight system. The 2013+ DeathAdder felt like air… It wasn’t natural for that thing to feel as light as a logitech m100

Logitech m100: 90g
Deathadder 2013: 105g
Deathadder pre-2013: 148g
Logitech G502: 121g + 5x 3.6g weights

not much you can do about the wired if you want buttons and something shaped like the mamba, I like its shape as well but it all depends on your hand size, whats its length and width?

I don’t like holding onto my mouse tight when I move it from the heavier weights so I prefer lighter mice.

Well if the mouse jumping around and stopping and going are not going to be a problem next time I get a death adder or some other Razer mouse, it still doesn’t address my other drawback that the death adder has, that it doesn’t have enough buttons. I’d like something with like 2 to 3 more buttons on it, maybe one more on the same side and one near the scroll wheel or maybe 2 near the scroll wheel. IDK just 2-3 more buttons are all I want really.

Honestly wireless while still meeting all my other expectations is just a dream mostly lol, that would be like the perfect mouse.

if you want a big mouse id say go for the Roccat kone Aimo, or the plastic version of the corsair glaive, those ones have some nice buttons on the scroll wheel iirc. but if you want something lighter then maybe the mionix castor, its a little small for my hands but its still pretty nice to use. I tried the G502 but it felt too thin for my hands and it would cramp me up.

Razer Mamba Hyperflux??

Also re-recommending the G502 since 121g is still pretty light, just noticeable from the DeathAdder 2013.

Wireless mouse is probably the only ones lighter after that.


I just found that list, sort by weight and look for the ones with the right amount of buttons to suit your needs.

If it says “Both” for the wired/wireless part, i’d do some extra research on it.

Holy smokes, the price tag on that thing is insane. lol

Forgot about this site but This reviewer knows what hes talking aboot

For my money, anything from Zowie. Good sensors, no drivers. Most of their mice come in different variants (different sizes/heights). Hard to know which one to pick but look at their website and take your best guess.

Pretty useful thanks

I was thinking about that one only because it has an extra thumb button but that is about all it has going for it, it looks a bit uncomfortable and the cord is not braided so I decided to pass up on that one and just go with another death adder.

now onto an important aesthetics question for @novasty and @aLilBabyOtter since yall said another deathadder would be good, and I have decided that too.

would the destiny 2 one look ugly do you think with the white stripes on it? the rest of my peripherals are red and black or chroma and black. It is cheaper, but I think it might kill the look I’ve got going and it will arrive 2 days later, whereas the normal one is way more expensive but would still fit in with my look and will arrive tomorrow. Which one do you two think I should get?

D2 just because it is cheaper and is closer to what I think the mouse should be valued at.

I’m a bit biased here because the 502 is the most durable mouse I ever paid $99 - 110 CAD for. While for me DA is 80+ and I’ve gone through two in the same lifespan and still using as my G502.

True, I will just go all out when I have more money and buy the crazy expensive one you posted earlier that is almost perfect lol. But until then I guess I will go with that.

The Destiny 2 Deathadder posted is a good price. I honestly think it looks fine - looks are up to you.

I’m a bit surprised noone has recommended the Logitech G403. A little bit skinnier and taller than the Deathadder. Goes down to $35 once in awhile.

I picked up a Fenek Swift on Amazon, it’s a really nice mouse. I know, I know it’s from that other guy but heck it’s a nice gaming mouse.

Cougar 550M - $31


Looks like I got here a bit late…

But I always recommend the Logitech G600.
It’s extremely comfortable, is incredibly customizable, and has more buttons than you’ll ever know what to do with. I don’t know where I’d be without many of those extra buttons in a few games like warframe. Seems to track pretty well considering the amount of headshots I get. It’s a little heavier at 133g (4.7oz), but I don’t mind it since I play at pretty high dpi anyway so I’m rarely ever picking the mouse up.